The Readings by SunChariot
December 2016 Edition
Volume 8, Edition 12


Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot Newsletter!

Well, here we are in the last month of the year! Wow 2016 went fast!LOL

Since we are in the month of December already (or will be in a few days) this newsletter felt like a good time to address the topic of New Year’s resolutions. I know many of us will be making some this December. And they will represent things that are important to us, that would feel enriching for us to have, and that would  help us be and have what means most to us.

This month in the Asking about Life section, I asked the cards for advice for you on how to stick to your New Years’ resolutions  this year.  To help give you what it takes to see those goals through to completion so you can have and be all that you most want to this year. I hope it helps you.🙂

And you have all my best wishes that they work out in the very best ways for you and truly enrich your life. 2017 can be what we make of it. Let’s make something great of it!

Again as this is December, in the Friendship reading this month instead of asking about the month of December I asked about the whole year of 2016. I asked about what we can learn as we look back at all that has happened for us this year. What we can learn that will help us as we move into the new year.

We are at the threshold of a new year. New and exciting things are coming. Happiness from places we have not yet imagined yet. People to meet whom we do not know yet. The chance to learn and grow in new ways and see more in our lives.

It’s a new year with nothing yet written in it. A year we can make anything we want to with. Where we can let the past go and just be us in the present and create all we want in our future.  New years are creative times.🙂

I wish you much joy, wonder, warmth and laughter in 2017!

All the very very best to you,



This Blog version of my newsletter is available to be viewed by anyone at anytime at this site. It will come out once a month, near the last Saturday of every month. But, if you’d like an e-mail reminder each month to let you know when the new edition has come up, just click here and let me know and I’ll get that out to you.

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All the very best to you this holiday season!

gingerbread candies and happy holidays tag

Wishing you a warm and joyful holiday season, one whose beauty you’ll hold dear for years to come.



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Quote of the Month


Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

–Mark Twain

As a recovering perfectionist, this touched me. I thought I would add this in for you here, in case it touches you too.

We all have some fears sometimes. But we also have within us the ability to rise above them.


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December 2016 Contest

Tarot de la Renaissance (1460)

This month being the last month of the year, and holiday time, I will make the prize of the contest a bit bigger. It WILL be a Tarot card reading once again. But I will add in more cards for you. Let’s say a 5 card reading instead of a 3 card one.🙂

To enter the contest this month, just click here.

In the Comments section, just type in  “December 2016 contest” along your name (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want) and the country you are in.

The drawing will take place on Sunday, December 18, 2016  and will be announced in the January 2017 edition of this newsletter.

Last  month’s winner

The winner of last month’s contest was Jamie L from the US!  Jamie won a multi-card LeNormand deck reading.

We will be in touch again very soon Jamie. And I am looking forward to reading for you and letting you know what the cards have to say to you.🙂

Talk to you again soon Jamie,



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Tarot Demystified

Tarot as a tool to tell us what NOT to do (or how not to build things in the wrong ways for us)


In my experience, most readings tend to be about the future. Most people seem to want to know what will happen. Although what comes up in readings on the future can usually be changed. And we can usually change it if we so choose. The future shown is just one possible future among many, the one we are currently heading towards if we keep on the same path and don’t change anything.

And about relationships, which makes sense to me as it’s such an important topic. The relationships in our lives are so important to us. Although, the way I see it I tend to prefer to ask about how to create all the best things in our relationships instead of just what will happen. If we ask HOW to create what we want to have, or how to end up where we want to be…the cards can tell us that and we can follow the advice and go there.

All that aside, I was thinking recently that people generally ask me about what to do, but very rarely do people ask in a reading what not to do. At times that can also be useful to know. And Tarot can answer anything at all. So in an attempt to show that the cards can talk about anything, that is this month’s topic.🙂

First I should say that for myself personally, as a reader, I will not ever ask the cards what someone should do. That to me personally, and each reader has their own personal values and beliefs, is a misuse of the cards. I see Tarot as a means to empower people. To ask the cards to make their life decisions for people is dis-empowering to them.

We all have what we need to make the best decisions for ourselves, if we listen in inside. Tarot is an excellent tool to give us the missing info we need to make the best decision, to help us feel more confident to do so, to encourage us, to show us a series of possible solutions and where each may lead….But my belief is that when we are facing something in our lives, it comes because there is something we need to learn from facing it. To just have the cards tell us what we should do removes the change to learn what we need to. So I don’t do readings on what someone should do.

That said, and back to the topic at hand, it can at times be useful to ask what not to do. By the same reasoning, although I won’t ask the cards what someone should not do in general but it can be useful to know if the person has a specific goal in mind. As in what not to do if they want to achieve it, as doing so would get in the way and prevent them from getting to where they want to go.

This kind of question can be useful in trying to break bad habits, in trying to understand what we are doing that is sabotaging our efforts to achieve a goal.  Let’s say someone is trying to diet, and keeps cheating and eating desserts each night. It could be useful to ask what they need to stop doing if they want to stick to that diet and not go offtrack. The cards may tell them not to think certain thoughts, or to stop seeing things in a certain way as that is what it leading them to eat the desserts. And suggest more positive ways to see things that could help them to stick to their goal.

We can ask what to let go of that may be holding us back, so that we can reach our highest potential.  When can ask about when to let go of something, about anything unconscious that may be holding us back (what it is and how to let it go), what thoughts to let go of if we want to let go of some angry or negative feelings in a relationship that is not helping it grow in the best ways, when it may be best to not take any action but just wait things out for the time being, or when it is time to just move on and leave something in our lives behind (and why this is best now). And of course so many others…

Coming next month: Moral values and the reader


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Asking about Life

The topic of this month’s Asking about Life is related to one of the so often misunderstood Tarot cards. It’s  card # 15 of the Major Arcana and it’s called The Devil. And nope, there is nothing negative about the card nor does it have anything to do with any devil portrayed by any religion. The names of the cards are mainly symbolic/metaphorical. There are really no negative Tarot cards. Tarot is a system designed to help, comfort and advise us on the best paths for us to take. Negative cards would serve no purpose in a system designed to do all that.

What The Devil does actually talk about is generally about being tempted to do things that may not be in our best interest. It also talks about bad habits. We’ve all been there where we feel tempted to do things we may regret later,  Like wanting to eat a big piece of chocolate cake when dieting. Or the desire to go out and stay out late when you have something due the next day…Or about giving up before we get to achieve something meaningful to us. It’s about those kinds of feelings, but really the card is all about  offering suggestions to overcome these issues so we can be the best us we can be.  That is its purpose.

I thought that this being the month of December and a time when many of us will soon be thinking about 2017 and what we want to achieve in the new year (and about setting some New Years’ resolutions), that that would be a good topic to ask about for you here, as it related to The Devil card. New Years’ resolutions represent things that are important to us, things we really want to have and be more of in the upcoming year. So the topic here this month will be about how to not give into any feelings that might come along and make us want to give up, so that we can complete these goals that are important to us and bask in the pride and joy of seeing them completed.🙂

I am going to use my Tarot of Transformation for  you here. It’s by J L Cori, and Willow Arlenea. It made sense of me as setting New Years’ resolutions is all about transforming ourselves and our lives into something that brings us more joy and fulfillment. And also just because I believe this is just a great little deck that always has a lot to say in deep ways.

The question I asked for you here this month is:

What can you tell us here about how not to to give in to any feelings to give up on our New Years’ resolutions this year, so that we get to where we really want to be in our live and feel the joy and pride in our achievement?

Here’s what came up :-):

Cards 1 and 2: 8 of Disks (reversed) and 5 of Swords (reversed)



These first 2 cards came out of the deck together. That makes them a  card duo, and this says that the meaning for the two cards are very closely connected here. They are working together as one to give a common message.

The first is from the suit of Disks (aka Pentacles). This is a great place to start this reading as Disks, for me, are about our goals and what we need to do to achieve them (exactly what the question was about🙂 ).

It is also a reversed 8. Reversed 8’s, for me, are pretty amazing cards when they come up. They talk about the mysteries of life, the parts that no one fully understands fully: like life energy, what goes on “behind the scenes” to send us just what we want when we most need it, fate/destiny,…

The gist of this card here is that we are not in actuality ever alone and that our lives will work with us to create what we want to have.  It says that your life will work with you to help you create just what you want to as long as  you don’t give up. If you don’t know what to do, just do something and things will fall into place when they are meant to. If we need a break (a week or two off) it’s certainly alright to take one, but that doesn’t have to mean giving up.

As you can see the keywords for this card are “Skillful Perseverance”.  They are saying that even if we don’t feel we know to succeed at what we set out to (or even feel we don’t have what it takes to get there), That we can know that that is ok. We don’t have to know it all right now to succeed. We are all beings who can learn and grow as we move forward. And that IF we keep on persevering and keep at it, we will learn and grow. As we go along we will learn new skills and we will learn what we need to know to have that success.

The image to me shows evolution and that we evolve and grow as we work towards goals. And that the voyage, in that sense, can be as important as the final destination. And to me the image also shows the winds of change. And that there is no need to give up because we don’t know how to proceed. We will learn and grow and change along our path.  And the things we learn on this path will nurture us more and more and teach us to fly.

The second card in this card duo is about the kinds of thoughts we may be having that could lead us to want to give up on our goals (New Years’ resolutions). The way we may be thinking when we feel like giving up. The kinds of thoughts that make us want to give up.

This card asks that we try to notice where we are inside when we have these feelings, what our thoughts are. The reversed 5 again talks about what makes us want to let go of what’s good for us and give up. Here this card is asking us to notice the kinds of thoughts or the way of thinking that can make us want to give up on our goals and resolutions.

And the keywords here are “Holding the Vision”.  It suggest that after we notice what thoughts and ways of thinking are leading us to want to give up, then to stop and think back to WHY we set that resolution as a goal that was important to us. To stop and focus on WHY it was important to us, what it meant to us, what having it would add to our lives, the joy and fulfillment of achieving it. These are still more than attainable.

The image is mauve (about healing) And it is full of stars, which represents hope and faith. And the person in the card is aiming his (or her) bow and arrow out into all those stars. So this card is about seeing which thoughts and ways of thinking tend to lead us to any feelings of wanting to give up. Seeing what these are and just what they lead to.

Then putting them aside. They are only thoughts, after all, not reality.

And then making time to think on what achieving that goal would feel like. And what it would bring and add to our lives. And how good it would all feel. And then making it our new aim to have hope and faith in what we can achieve in the future if we aim high. And get out there and just be the us that we can be.

The 2 cards are tied together. Together they are saying that if we remember that we don’t have to know it all now from where we are starting out, that our lives will work with us to help us achieve our goals, …and if we trust that we will learn what we need to and grow as we need to as we progress…

Then that that can give us what we need to hold onto the vision of what we want to create and be. It can help us not give into any thoughts that make us feel like giving up and help us aim high and for a place of hope and faith and knowing we can achieve what we set out to if we keep at it. And since it was important to us, then why wouldn’t we want to do just that?

Card 3: 5 of Disks (reversed)


Here is another Disks card for you, once again about our goals and how to best achieve them. It is also a reversed 5, which for me are all about resisting the temptation to do something not good for you (as in giving up on New Years’ resolutions that you can still achieve and that would fulfill you to do so).

The keywords here, as you can see, are “Releasing Stuck Energy”. And it’s coming up here says that that is part of the key here, releasing any stuck energy. It does seem that the times when we might feel the most likely to give up on our goals is when we feel stuck and don’t see any movement of change in the situation as we work on it. When things are flowing well and quickly and we see the completion of our goal getting closer and closer…those are not the times we think of quitting or giving up. It is more likely to happen when we feel stuck where we are and see no change.

And this card says that when we feel that way then we need to just release that energy. If we feel stuck, it’s not a good thing to focus on that and think only of how things are not changing, and maybe even that it looks like they never will. They will. Life IS change. This card image says that if we feel the energy of the situation is stuck (or that ours is), that is the time to pull back and try to look at the big picture. To see how far we have come from where we were in the past on similar issues. To look at the times in past situations where we felt stuck and still we got to your desired destination. To think about if we got to your destination and achieved our goal, would it really really matter if we got there a week or a month later, in a grand scheme of things. If not, then so what? As long as we get to where you want to go, then we’re there.

It’s about releasing the energy that comes from telling ourselves we are stuck where we are, for whatever reason. Finding ways to let it go. Finding more positive ways to see the situation, as in the timing must not yet to right for things to work out in the bast way and when it is things will move forward again, or that there may still be some life lessons we first need to learn before things advance so we will be better prepared. …

The image also says that centering and grounding exercises could be useful when confronting the feeling that you want to give up on a goal.  As may well be remembering that any journey tends to consist of some steps forward and some steps back. If we come to a rough patch we may need to take a few steps back from where we came and to start again from there. That’s normal. But the advice here is to put our focus on the steps forward and on how far we have come, and how far we will go yet before it’s said and done. And to not look backwards.

Card 4: Kali (reversed)


This last card is the most important card here, of all the cards in this reading. It is the only Major Arcana card on the reading. And Majors are important cards by nature. They talk about important life lessons that our lives are trying to teach us through what w are sent to experience in our lives. In this reading this card says that there are some important life lessons we can learn (and that it would in fact benefit us in our lives to learn) when it comes to facing up to any temptation to give up on our goals (and New Years’ resolutions before we have completed them. The fact that this is also a REVERSED card says that these lessons that we could learn from this situation are truly very very important ones, that could change our lives for the better in many ways if we learn them.

This is an unusual card that is unique to this deck.  It is card 16 of the Majors, which is normally called The Tower. But, as you can see, here in this deck it is called “Kali”. As you can see, the keywords here are: “Shattering the Structure” (here, of  those thoughts and feelings that make us want to quit). Taking away the foundation that they stand on, so they have nowhere to go and crumble to the ground.

Sounds a bit easier said than done of course. But it can be done and WE can in fact do it or this card would not come up in a reading for us here.

Kali is the Hindu goddess of creation and destruction. And when you think of it, who “created” those thoughts and feelings but ourselves??? What we ourselves created, we ourselves have the power to take down and rebuild again in any way that suits us better. We have the power within ourselves to do this. That is why this card has come up here. And each time we don’t give up we learn and get better and rebuilding things in the best ways for ourselves.

This card says there’s an art to knowing when it is time to let go of structures in our lives that need to go. Something (including thoughts and feelings) that tend to hold us back and prevent us from being our best selves and who we want to be …have just outlived their usefulness. Maybe those same thoughts as certain times in our pasts and where we were served a real purpose. But if they hold us back now then they have outlived their usefulness to us. We were not born with these thoughts, we learnt them along the way as we moved through our lives. We can choose now to embrace new thoughts instead of ones that no longer works for us, just once chose to view things as we do now.

This card says that letting go of old thoughts and feelings is a creative act. It leaves a blank canvas for us where we are free to paint our lives in the colors that feel real and right to us. It leaves us free to be a bigger brighter version of ourselves (our selves).

The image of this card just says to me that we can rise above all this, reach up and go with the flow of life. With the best flow for our lives and reach for the best version of our selves.

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December 2016 Friendship Readings

Since this is the December edition and the last edition of this newsletter in 2016, I thought that instead of asking only about this month of December and what we could learn from it, to ask instead what we can learn now by looking back at the entire year of 2016.

The deck I chose for this reading is called the Tarot of Reflections, by Francesco Ciampi. It seemed a logical choice to me as it’s all about reflections (the card images literally show reflections in each card) and well the topic this month was about “reflecting” back over the past year, so see what we can learn that would benefit us as we move forward into 2017.

The question that I asked for you here was:

What important life lessons can you learn now by reflecting back on how the year 2016 has worked out for you?

And the cards said:

Card 1: 6 of Wands (reversed)


This is a Wands card, about what you were working on and planning to create during this year. And the feelings that drove you to want to create them, your inner passion and desire to create what you set out to create.  As a reversed 6, it also talks about any sudden changes that came up that prevented you from creating things as you had planned.

In response to this question, this card is saying that you can learn something valuable by thinking back at those times now now as obstacles, but as chances to learn some important life lessons. Look for the lessons and you will find them.

The main figure in any card in your reading represents you. And this one shows you facing left, looking back at the past year. It shows you on horseback which talks about your connection and oneness with the people around you in your life this past year. Were there other people in your life this year who got in the way of you creating what you wanted to, in the way you intended? What was the level of closeness and connection between you two? How did that effect the outcome?

It’s a red/orange card for the most part, about warmth and caring and good feelings. It says it could be helpful to think a bit on that and what it really means to you.

The reflection in this image is above you. It says you could learn something valuable this month by thinking about when it’s time to put the needs of those you care deeply for (and have warm feelings about) above your own needs. And when to put  your own needs first. There’s a lesson you can learn there from how things played out this year on this topic.

Card 2: 2 of Pentacles (reversed)


This is a Pentacles card, about the goals you set and how they worked out for you this year. Could be talking about any New Years’ Resolutions you made, or really any goals that you set for yourself that you hoped to accomplish this year. As a reversed 2, this card is also talking about a change in attitude. Thinking about things in a new way, or just accepting the status quo, and in this case dropping your goals in favor of just accepting things as they are now.

That is the topic of this card. It says you can learn something valuable and useful to you by looking back at the goals you set and which ones you carried through on, and which you just dropped and gave up on. If you carried through on them, which qualities and mind-frames gave your that passion and strength to continue? If you changed your mind and just accepted things as they are, what led you there?

Sometimes it is best to let things go if we find the goal is unrealistic or achievable. But the point is to take a little look at what happened to your goals this year and the reasons why. And to see if the way you followed through really is reflective of the person you want to be. And if not, to get an idea what can be done about it.

The image says that you do have in your the power and magic to follow through on any goals you set. You had that this past year and you still have it. It is shown in the image in that ball of light that you hold in the palm of your hand, The other hand shows a coin that you just tossed up in the air. It says that you have inside you all that it takes to create a rich life experience for yourself. You have that in you. If you’re not doing so, maybe it’s time to think on why.

Here the reflection is shown underneath you. So it’s about looking at any underlying factors that may be slowing you down, or making you give up on your goals and dreams. To think if there is anything more you might hope to accomplish and be, if there are things holding you back, and if you might be able to let some of those go now.

Card3: 9 of Pentacles


A second card from the suit of Pentacles here (about the goals you set for last year) but this time we have the 9. 9’s, for me, talk about taking a time out to stop and think about where you want to go and if you are on the right path to get there. And/or to stop and think about the best way to achieve your goals.

It’s about stopping to think about how you usually set your goals, and what you do next after you have set a goal…It’s about the methods you use (or don’t) to work on achieving them. The essence of the message of this card is that if you make a little time now, as the year is ending) to look back at how you have been working on any goals you set this year and how that has worked out for you, then you can learn some valuable lessons on how to proceed in the best ways in the future.

To me this card image is about a “wealth” of positive experiences and a richness of experience in your life, a life that gives you that feeling that all you have all that you need to feel fully happy/satisfied or that it is just within your grasp. This “wealth” of positive experiences is show in the bowl of jewels right next to you. And in the box of coins in front of that (and the bag of coins in your hand).

That is the purpose of any goals that we set, after all. To improve our lives and make them richer and fuller.

In this image, your eyes are closed. This is saying that if you stop and look inside at the kinds of goals you set this year and what they led to, you can learn something helpful. What goals and kinds of goals did you set. Were they of the type that would have been truly enriching to you and to your life. If some were fulfilled, WERE they truly enriching to you, or might you have been better to set a different kind of goal.

The reflection here is over the book, shown with coins all around it. This is about thinking about (and thus learning more about) who you are inside and which kinds of goals will actually enrich you the most. Seeing that clearly will be a help to you. Seeing why something is important can also help you stick with the goal until it is completed.

Card 4: The Moon (reversed)


This last card is the most important of this reading. First because it is the only card here from the Major Arcana. And the Majors talk about important life lessons that our lives are working to teach us related to the topic of the card. This was a reversed card. And for me, while a reversal on a Major card does not actually change the meaning, it does serve to emphasize it. It would say that the life lesson here that our lives are working to teach us is a VERY important one.

The meaning of The Moon for me is about the magic and mysteries of life. The rhyme and reason behind the way things work in the universe, the workings behind the scenes before a new person of event shows up in your life, your connection to life, the universe and those around you, the magic of nature and your own body, and even what it means to go with the flow, the magic inside you and how it works in relation to the magic that is life…All that type of thing is the meaning of The Moon for me.

This card coming up here, and reversed no less, says that your life has been showing you examples of this all year long for you to learn from. These have been important life lessons for you. Some you may have noticed, others maybe not if you were focused elsewhere. But this card coming up here now, says that there are still some very important life lessons you can learn now by looking back and thinking back about how all this worked out in your life this year. Where there some real coincidences that happened, or might they even have been something more? How did your inner power and connection manifest itself for you this year?

This card is blue in color and blue is the color of communication for me. This adds in that it could be helpful to ask those close to you how THEY saw your inner power manifesting itself this year. You might just learn something valuable by asking it.

The moon here in this image is composed of 2 faces, facing different directions. To me this shows a conflict of sorts. It shows times this year when you may not have been “going with the flow” or accepting that all that came to pass had a god reason for being in your life. It shows times when you might have been fighting what was and not accepting of it. That is something to look at to, and the reasons why. And if it actually advanced you any further to not accept things as they were.

The image also shows a path, between 2 pretty much identical houses. Both look the same, and this represents any times in your life this year when you had a choice to make but didn’t know which choice would lead to the best place. This asks you now to think back on those times and on how it made you feel and how you handled that. Where was your trust in the magic of life at those times? Did you let it stress you as you NEED to make the best decision? Or did you relax into it and accept that that was the best you could do (as there just was no way to know for sure) and just trust that things would work out for the best in the end? And why you chose the path you  chose in these situations. The answer to these questions could be useful for you to know now.

And lastly, the Moon here is reflected in the water. The water is your emotions and feelings here. This says that the way you have been thinking about this magical thing called life and your own inner magic and connection, has had an effect on the way you have felt about and experienced some of your life experiences this year. So seeing the answers to these questions related to
2016 can show you some important things about your life and how to life this upcoming year in the best ways.
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