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August 2016 Edition
Volume 8, Edition 8


Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot Newsletter!

I hope all’s been well for you this past month.🙂

Over here it’s just been a big month of change and learning. Both at work and at home things are in flux. Just a whole lot of change over here. LOL

Over the past few weeks, they’ve changed the campaign I’ve been working on three times in the past three weeks. So the nature of my work has changed rather dramatically a number of times lately. A lot of learning went into that.

On the home front, we are looking for a new vacation home. Getting ready to sell the first and work on finding a new one. So lots of change there. And all the fun that goes with looking at and for new homes.:-)

Even my Weight Watchers meeting have been focusing a lot on the topic of change. So the topic is just all over my life right now. And not surprisingly it showed up in this month’s newsletter as well.

I think for me it’s not just meant to be about the change in my life, but more about my attitudes to it and making me look at, think about, and revise them. I know there are some lessons for me there that I am meant to learn now about it all.

August is also the month of vacations. I have one myself for 10 days coming up this month! Yay!  Very much looking forward to the time off. If you have one coming up this month too, I want to wish you all the best with it. Great weather, time to really slow down and enjoy it all…And just plain fun, laughter. All of those things to you this month.

Have a great August. Make it one that you’ll remember and feel good about for a while to come.

My very best wishes,


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Quote of the Month

Magic Mickey

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

–Barak Obama

I put this in this month for all the other procrastinators, like myself. LOL It touched me, and if you’re one too I hope these words mean something to you too.🙂

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August 2016 Contest

girl in awe of life

This month it felt like time to offer you another Angel reading here. Let’s make it 4 card angel reading this time round.:-)

To enter the contest this month, just click here.

In the Comments section, just write “August 2016 contest” along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want)

The drawing will take place on Sunday, August 21st, 2016  and will be announced in the September 2016 edition of this newsletter.

Last  month’s winner

The winner of last month’s contest was Nancy H, from the USA.

Nancy won a multi-card LeNormand reading, which will be a lot of fun to do. Looking forward to working with  you Nancy!

Talk to you soon with more details.:-)



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Tarot Demystified


(photo of a card from the beautiful Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert, also used in this month’s Friendship Reading)

This topic came up here this month as there are two kinds of Tarot questions that people tend to most often ask me to read on: questions about the future and questions about relationships (usually but not always about romantic relationships). And I know from talking to many other readers that asking about relationships seems to be one of the most popular type of question.  Often enough about the future of the relationship, but also often asked is what the other thinks of them or feels for them, or will in the future.

And yet there is a lot of controversy in the Tarot world surrounding relationship questions. It touches the moral values of the reader and there are all kinds of different points of views on the topic.

Some readers refuse to answer questions on relationships at all, some are fine with it, and some think it depends and that each case is different (personally, I tend to fall into the latter category).

For some readers, third party readings are just taboo and they won’t do them no matter what. Third party readings are when the querent (person for whom the reading is being done) asks about someone else. Many of these questions are along the lines of what someone thinks or feels for them. Readers against this kind of question see it as an invasion of the privacy of the other person who does not know the reading is being done.

Other readers have no issues with these kinds of readings at all. Short of anything specific that sets off their warning bells. I think all readers have that built in. If we are asked to read on a topic that goes against our moral values in some way, the warning bells go off and we know we are not meant to read on it.

A strong example for me of one of those types of questions on the topic of relationships was what someone once asked me to ask the cards how she could best take revenge on someone who had hurt her. That was obviously a big misuse of the cards for me and I refused flat. I think I suggested a reading on how to heal what was hurting her inside and making her feel the desire to do that.  But it didn’t seem to go over big. She just was not in that mind-frame.

Another question I turned down flat, as it set off all my warning bells, was when someone once asked me how she could make someone love  her.  That to me just plain felt wrong. To try to MAKE someone do something that they are not inclined to do on their own, just not right imo.

I don’t believe anyone else has the right to try to make me feel something against my natural inclinations or to try to coerce me into it. And that means I don’t have the right to try to do that to someone else. We all have free will in life, as I see it. I would not do a reading that tries to take someone’s free will from them in any way. …if you know what I mean. That is a basic life right, the way I see it.

Also as readers, we are not meant to try to replace professionals services when these would be more beneficial. Such as lawyers, doctors or therapists. Sometimes someone is just upset enough about a relationship that it is just a better idea to suggest they seek professional help instead of a reading, atm.

To me anyway, Tarot is a love-based tool and it should always be used for positive love-based purposes.  I would not touch it for anything else. BTW, Tarot IS actually a great way to help heal inner pain.

As for relationship readings, from what I have seen by talking with other readers, naturally it’s generally common practice to cut off someone from readings if they start to become too dependent on the readings to the point of where it is harming the relationship in any way. If good communication is important to a relationship and to its growing healthy and strong, there comes a time when it is better to ask the other person in the relationship how they feel, instead of the cards. IF that can be done. Sometimes it can’t and Tarot works well for those times.

My personal view on if it’s alright to ask about someone else is that … it depends. As mentioned above, if the querent can ask the other person, that is always preferable. But sometimes you just can’t.  If the querent is really stressed over it and there is no other way to find out and they just really need to know, that to me falls into the acceptable category. They have a right to find their peace of mind.

As for the rest, to me it just really depends on the motive of the person asking. When someone asks me about the relationship, if I see it’s for a negative reason such as wanting to make fun of them, greed, revenge ….no that to me is wrong. If I sense any kind of negative motivation I would not do the reading.

If the person is asking so that they can heal the relationship, put an end to quarrels,…that to me is perfectly valid. Even if the third party does not know the reading is being done, to me I presume that they would WANT the relationship to improve. fighting to stop, more understanding better them. I would presume that they would prefer more peace and love and understanding in their relationship and less misunderstanding and fighting. That feels like a given to me. So if it can be expected to benefit them and make their life better to me that is justifiable.

One of the most touching readings I ever did (it had me literally crying as I did it, tears and all) was a woman who told me her husband had only 6 months to live and she asked me how to make his last 6 months as happy as she could. I was so touched. And honored to have had the chance to help in that way.

I also remember doing a reading telling the querent the man she loved was suicidal.  She was able to then get him the help he needed and things fixed themselves in time. But had I not done the reading I don’t know what might have happened.😦 So I was glad to have done that third party reading that day. It was hard too as it was for a friends. But I think we did some good that day.

So to me, I would say that is what it is. Each case is different. It depends to me on where the querent is coming from when they ask the question and the effect it may be expected to have on the other person in the relationship.

And yes, Tarot is an amazing tool that can answer any question at all that we ask it. It is even a powerful tool to do that. It can be a tremendous help in relationships I find and in helping us find peace of mind when needed regarding relationships. But also yes, there is a fine line that ought not to be crossed, imo. Tarot should always be used to help, never to harm anyone.  But what one reader considers harmful, another may not. It can be a big subjective at times.

Coming next month:  Readings to help us understand

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Asking about Life

Following in the series, the question this month is related to Card 11 of the Majors: Justice. Which, for me, tends to be about things working out fairly (justly) for all concerned. And about the concept of justice in general.

I decided, to be different, to use and Oracle deck this month here instead of a Tarot. The one that called to me is called “Inner Peace Cards” and is by Dr Wayne Dyer. Of course I am sure you have noticed by now that I love ALL my decks, each for different reasons. But yes, I do very much love this one too, and it always has some interesting things to say.:-)

I asked 2 questions for us this month on the topic of justice. The questions and answers were:

Question 1: How can we best treat others truly fairly?

Card 1: I am a worthwhile human being


This first card caught my attention right away. Mainly because the question asked was about the way we treat others and the answer from this card clearly focuses on how we treat ourselves.

This is saying that there is a real connection between the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat others. Between the words we use inside what we think about ourselves and the words we use when we think about others. And that the way we think affects the way(s) we act.

Each card of this deck has a little message on the back. And the one for this card says: “You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being–not because anyone else says so, not because you’re making lots of money–but because you decide to know it.”

That’s all it takes. Just to stop…and then to know it.

And that is the key to the answer here. The key to knowing how to treat others truly fairly is to first know how to treat ourselves fairly. To know that we deserve to treat ourselves fairly because we are a human being and that that is something that is worthy of deep respect. And when we know that, then we know that everyone else we meet is also a human being.

The card image does show flowers and plant-life. which to me is talking about healthy growth. We ALL of us have the ability to grow and improve. And to grow healthier and stronger, no matter where we are in our lives. The hand with the eye in it, to me, is saying that we all have the need to see ourselves achieve what we reach out for. Maybe the message is that treating someone fairly is all about not impeding their ability to achieve these things.

Card 2: The loving innocent world of animals serves as a good example for me


This also felt like an interesting answer to me, as it was not at all what I expected. It just shows an aspect to the topic that I never thought of. As the  cards will so often do🙂

This card says there is a lot we can learn about how to treat others fairly by watching how animals act and react. This is a good answer for people who have pets in the house. But it applies to anyone else as well.

Could be the footprints in the image show an ability to let go of things. To walk away from things and not hold a grudge forever. The birds flying and the fish swimming the image show they just doing what comes naturally. Without overthinking. Following what is in their hearts. And the more I think about all this, there does seem to be a lot of wisdom in it to me. Hope it makes sense to you inside as well.

Question 2: How can we best treat ourselves fairly?

Card 1: I choose the path of kindness


Yep, this makes sense too. It seems that treating ourselves fairly would require us to treat ourselves kindly. If we are being unkind to ourselves, it’s not possible that we are treating ourselves fairly. And yes this IS a path. And it IS a choice that we can make. If we don’t decide how kindly we treat ourselves, who does? And if we think someone else makes that decision for us, it brings up the question of why we let them do so.

On the back of this card are the words: “The more you extend kindness to yourself, the more it will become your automatic response to others.” So there is it once more. The connection between how fairly we treat ourselves and how fairly we treat others. This reading is clearly saying that there is a real connection between the two.

The trees here in the image surrounding the path look a bit closed up and “narrow”.  And that is just what the image here is about once again. if we close off the part of us that lets us be kind to ourselves that part of us is closed and won’t be as readily accessible when it comes to how we treat others. It’s about choosing kindness whenever you can. And it starts with you. It starts with how well you let yourself treat you.

Card 2: I learn from positive and negative experiences


Last card here in this reading. And it says that if you want to learn how to treat yourself fairly pay attention to what has been going on in your life. What has happened in the past related to how you have treated yourself and has it led to fair outcomes for you and good positive feelings. And then look at how you are treating yourself in the present moment and as yourself the same questions.

This card says there are no mistakes, just chances to learn and grow and become better and better people from all that happens in our lives. If we choose to take the time to see what we can learn from it all.

The words on the back of this last card say: “Your joy is divine, and so is your suffering. There is so much to be learned from both.” Whether or not you happen to believe in the Divinem the message here still  makes a lot of sense to me here in answer to the question asked. If we tell ourselves, no matter happened, that nothing is wrong and that all this is just a great learning experience…it seems to me that would help encourage us to treat ourselves more fairly.  If we give ourselves guilt or worry about where we are, that is not likely being fair to ourselves. If we instead tell ourselves nothing is wrong and hey this is a great learning experience, seems to me less guilt and worry.

The image really shows there are two ways to view anything. We can choose to focus on the positive or the negative.  This image shows the rain. Some people think it’s a negative thing. But to that flower that is drooping a bit, it is a very wonderful thing.

Again a lot of people don’t like bees much. But to that flower. …..without bees there would be more more flowers (not to mention the food we eat).  Which often astounds me when I see it. What we call negative or positive is so often on the result of the thoughts we choose to embrace on the topic. And maybe even that is something we can only learn if we have some “negative” experiences first.
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August 2016 Friendship Reading

For this reading, I will use the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert (same deck shown in the Tarot Demystified section this month). It really is a Tarot that I love for it’s imagery. And since I use the card images so much to read, that is always an important thing to me.

This has always been a special deck for me as it was the only one I waited years to get. I watched it in the creation stages as each card showed up on Joanna’s web site. I was so take with them I kept checking in and seeing the new cards as they were completed, and couldn’t wait till the whole deck was completed so I could get me one.🙂

After a while it was and I did,

To me it’s just a deck that focuses on the beauty of nature and this world around us, and our connection to it. That is another reason why this deck touches me.

This month I just asked for you:

What good things would it benefit you to look for in your life this month?

(since I am of the opinion that the more we purposely look for good positive things in our lives, the more of them we will find.)

Here is what came up:

Card 1: 4 of Fire


This first card is from the suit of Fire. And that is about your desire and your ability to create the life you want to have for yourself. And this card is a 4, which is about completing things that have been started and things coming full circle.

This card is asking you to stop and look this month at the things you feel you would like your life to have and be. At who and what you would like to be in this world. Are there things/dreams you once believed you could achieve but gave up? If so now is a good time to look at the reasons why. If you told yourself it was not likely you could achieve them and gave up, do you know that for sure? Do you have any proof that this is so?

The image shows the woman (who yes represents you) with her eyes closed and yet her head is tilted upwards. This says that there are something (some things) that you are not seeing clearly….some things that you are not realizing or recognizing and the truth of the situation AND YET they ARE Truth in your life.

The fact that the card shows your head tilted upwards says that if you tried there is more that you could achieve than you believe that you could just now. More you could do, you could raise to a higher level in your life.

The card shows a darkish starry sky and yet the woman still has her eyes closed so she does not see the stars. Stars represent hope and faith in life and in yourself. This card is asking you not to turn your back on your hopes and dreams, to not lose your faith that you can achieve them if you try. if you don’t try how will you ever know for sure what you could have achieved? And that is the answer from this card.

Card 2: 9 of Water


This card is from the suit of Water, about your feelings. And yes it is the 9. The 9’s, for me, are about time spent alone. Usually necessary time spent alone to regroup, think things out, gain a better understanding….or just to relax and unwind. We all need time alone at times to work things out. And some to unwind too.

The answer from this card is it would be a good thing for you to stop and think about your feelings about spending time alone with yourself. Some things to look at could be your feelings about it. Do you love having time alone or try to avoid it? When you DO have time alone do you spend it working things or try to fill it with activity and distractions so you don’t have to think?  Or some of each? How has that been working for you, the balance you created? Is it helping you solve issues in your life but leaving you stressed. Or giving you time to unwind but things aren’t getting solved. its about the balance between the two.

This image is created purposely a bit fuzzy (no it was not my lack of photographic skills, at least not this time. LOL) And the girl in the card (who yes represents you once again) has her arms outstretched as though exploring and trying to feel her way. Exploring her feelings. Her feelings about her alone time.

And that is the gist of the answer from this card. That now, this month of August is a good time for you to explore your feelings on having time alone to yourself. What do you see as the purpose of this time in your life? How is that working for you? Does it help clarify things for you and bring new things to light or let you close yoru eyes to what’s before you? Ir’s a good time to think on these things now.

Card 3: flipped Child of Earth (reversed)


This card and the next were the 2 flipped cards of the reading. A flipped card is a card that more or less flips out of the deck during shuffling or in any way stands apart from the other cards from the deck. When a flipped card come up in asks you to pay a bit more attention to its message and says that there is something deep to it that you may not notice or fully see at first.

This card, to me, is just one of the most visually beautiful in the deck. I find this image really touching. That said it has a very nice message here too, imo. It’s from the suit of Earth. And Earth, for me, is about of goals and what we have to do to achieve them.

This card is the Child, AND it came up reversed. And that says that the message here is about having true faith and optimism in life. It’s about believing that what we most want CAN very much come true. That nothing is truly impossible if we set our hearts and souls to it. And if the path to what we think we want closes down than a new one will open up afterwards leading to an even better place. it’s about your faith in these things. And how that affects the goals you set and the steps you take to work towards achieving your goals.

This card is pointing out that in fact there IS a real connection here. When it comes to setting goals, the more faith we have that we can achieve anything we want, the higher the goals we set. The higher goals we set the higher ones we can achieve. We are not as likely to achieve something we don’t aim for.

The card image shows that beautiful child of the universe (who yes is you). He holds something healthy and natural in his hands (the apple). This apple represents your natural ability to achieve your goals. You hold that tool in your hands. Its up to you how you use it.  And if the rabbit in the image represents having lots of babies, again this says that it’s in your hands to decide which goals you want to work on in your life. And to decide which attitudes you want to embrace and which will best help you give birth to the best future for yourself.

Card 4: flipped Ace of Earth


Last card, the Ace of Earth. Yep, Earth is about your goals and the work you choose to put in to try to achieve them. But this card is the Ace. This card follows through on the theme of the last time. The Aces, for me, are about purity. Something untouched by negativity or any kind.

It asks you to set your goals of what you want in your life) from a “pure” place inside you. Try to let go of untrue and unkind thoughts that you may try to tell yourself. Let them go. More and more, as much as you can. And then let more of them go.

The deer in this card image (which yes you can say still represents you) is about how you talk to yourself when you try to set and work in getting to where you want  to in your life. She asks you to be gentle with yourself when you are working on goals. To use gentle kind language. Tell yourself supportive things. And try not to tell yourself untrue ones, or that you must not make mistakes. If no one can be literally perfect, then you SHOULD in fact make some mistakes along the way. Being a human being that is normal. And can teach us a lot if we are willing to look and learn.

The spiral shapes in the image say that working to create what we want in life is an ongoing eternal process. There will always be more that we can be and learn and grow to become. And THAT is a big part of the joy of life,,,,the joy of achieving something we worked hard for, It’s the very hard work that leads to that joy. The joy is the consequence of it. But first we need to have faith in what we can achieve so you don’t give up before the truly joyful part comes.🙂
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Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. 🙂

Please feel free to come visit me on my web site:

for an in-depth, personalized reading delivered right to your Inbox, whenever you’d like my help with any issues in your life. I’m always here for you and I’d be more than happy to work with you to help you find your answers or just to feel better about things.

Wishing you a month where you create something truly playful in your life.

romantic three dimensional love shape vector


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