The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
February 2017 Edition
Volume 9, Edition 2


Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot Newsletter!

This month’s edition is the February one, so it’s all related to Valentine’s Day Something that has lots of warm childhood memories attached to it for me, or cutting out and sending lots of those funny little valentines to all the other kids in my class at school. Just a fun, warm time.

Valentines’ Day and February is all about love for me, not just romantic love or relationship love, but love in all its shapes and forms.  It’s a time for me to stop for a time and contemplate what love means. In any of its shapes and forms.

For me, February/Valentine’s Day is all about love: for the people in our lives (very much including ourselves), for life and nature and the world around us. It’s about our sense of connection, the things we love (good books, movies, music, Tarot…), and even the love-based energy that is life and what it means to be in the flow with that.

All that said, I do very much have 2 brand new loves in my life lately that I thought I would share with you here before going on. 🙂

First one, is a brand new web site for Readings by SunChariot. Many of the readers of this newsletter have seen my old web site when they entered the contests here.

That site no longer exists. I decided to try my hand at creatjng my own site from scratch. If you know me you know I am 60 and well…. at my age we did not at all grow up with computers and I had some doubts on my skills at creating web sites, to say the least. LOL

But I gave it a try, as I free sounded better to me than paying for every little thing to do with it. So try I did. And I was personally THRILLED with the results and how easy and intuitive the process is to create one.

I tried a few companies and in the end found I personally like Weebly best ( So if you are thinking of creating a new web site, they have my recommendation. And trust me, if I can do it so can you. LOL

If you’d like to take a look at what I created, here is my new site:

ANOTHER new total love this month is a new Tarot deck (and matching silk pouch) that just arrived here less than one hours ago! I am already in love!

Here is what it looks like, have not yet even opened the box yet here:


It is a very unique deck which I love! I love decks that make me see the world and life in new ways. This deck has been really calling to me. The imagery in it is very very surrealistic…very dreamlike. I find the artist very talented.

It just feels like being asleep and dreaming. Some images a bit more pleasant that others, as in dreams. But it is all highly symbolic and really works well intuitively I believe.

Funny thing, an hour before I got this deck that reminds me so much of dreams and the dreamworld, a friend wrote and told me she had dreamed last night that crabs were biting her bum. That made me laugh so much as my zodiac sign is Cancer! (although she did not know that, new friend). Had to promise not to bite her in the butt and then go on with day. LOL I think that is a sign it’s going to be a playful little deck for me and that it will make me laugh and take like playfully. And I do find the artwork beautifully done!

I am about to go do my very first reading with it. It will be for you and it will be the one featured in this month’s Friendship Reading, found later on in this newsletter.

To change the topic once again, I find February also a super great time for spontaneous acts of kindness, as people can get a bit blue near the end of a cold winter.  A great time to do something to warm the heart of another after all the cold weather out there.

Also, I always love February for being the sense of hope it bring to my heart. To know it is the shortest month of the year, so the soonest to end. And once it does end, things start to warm up more and more. And then before you know it, it’s springtime once again.

February for me, means we are most of the way done with winter and with the cold and things will soon change and warm up again. And the trees start to bud and flower and before you know it no more winter coats and boots and just nice balmy weather with beautiful warm breezes. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!



This Blog version of my newsletter is available to be viewed by anyone at anytime at this site. It will come out once a month, near the last Saturday of every month. But, if you’d like an e-mail reminder each month to let you know when the new edition has come up, just click here and let me know and I’ll get that out to you.

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bouquet of red roses

I wish you a month and Valentine’s Day where you truly feel the connection and love all around you, from everyone in your life, including yourself.

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Quote of the Month


I hope that in this year to come, you’re making mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.  You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re doing something.

–Neil Gaiman

This struck me this month as something that felt important to me. Especially as the recovering perfectionist that I am, afraid to make mistakes. 🙂  I hope it touches you in some way as well.

Seems likely to me that if we’re doing something, we have more chance of arriving where we want to go, than if we are doing nothing.  🙂
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February 2017 Contest

Hmm……., 🙂 I’m thinking this month I will offer as the prize for the contest, a regular Tarot reading, Just because I know those are always popular. :-}

Let’s make it a 4 card reading this time round.

To enter the contest this month, just click here.

In the Comments section, just type in  “February 2017 contest” along your name (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want) and the country you are in.

The drawing will take place on Sunday, February 19, 2017  and will be announced in the March 2017 edition of this newsletter.

Last  month’s winner

The winner of the January 2017 contest, the first of the new year  was David S, from London, UK!

The prize for the contest for this last edition of 2016 was a 9 crystal reading.

The reading is all said and done now and has been completed already. But I do want to say that it was my pleasure to read for you David, and I was truly happy to have had the chance.

Wishing you all the very very best this year, 😀



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Tarot Demysified


Tarot as a tool to learn to think in new ways and/or see situations differently

As a reader, I find that most questions people ask me to read for them on tend to be about the future. They ask questions on the future and about what will happen (predictive readings). I get asked this so often that it makes me think that many people may believe that that is all that Tarot can do. It is certainly how it tends to be portrayed in the media. Pretty well every book or movie I have seen where Tarot is mentioned at all, when a reading it done it tends to be a predictive one.

Although Tarot CAN be used for this, it has many many other uses. It really has no limits at all in what it can talk about or the types of questions it can answer. Anything it could benefit you to know, the cards can tell you.

To help illustrate this point, I choose one specific type of reading to discuss this month, that related to asking the cards to show you new ways to see a situation or how to think differently about it.

Knowing how to do this can at times be very very useful. And yes the cards can show you how if you ask.

Here are just some examples of situations where being able to see things in a new way could be truly beneficial:


  • If having a disagreement with someone, asking the cards to help explain to you their point of view and to help you see things from their side (as they are seeing them) can really help solve things between you. It can also lead to an improved sense of understanding and empathy for that other person.
  • When there is a problem in your life you want to solve, the more solutions you can see before you the more likely you are to find the best one. The best solution just might be something you hadn’t even thought of. To be sure you could always just ask the cards to show us some solutions to the issue that we had not yet thought of.
  • If you feel stuck where you are, there is l always a way out. But if you aren’t seeing it, you can ask the cards to show it to you.  We ALWAYS have choices anywhere we are in our lives. If we can’t see them, the cards can.
  • The cards can be a very useful tool in creative writing as well, being able to see something new and original can help with that.
  • Just to expand your mind and way of thinking. Personal growth is always a good thing. It just feels good and is good for us. We could ask the cards to show us a new way of viewing a situation that would help us grow inside in beneficial ways.
  • One of my favorite kinds of readings is if I feel a bit blue about things in my life….Then I like to ask the cards to show me something I can feel truly happy and grateful for in my life. Never fails to help.:grin:
  •  if there is something you hope to achieve in your life you can just ASK which way of viewing the situation would lead to the best outcome for you. Something you never even thought of may well come up.
  • Or since are feelings and moods stem directly from the thoughts that we ourselves choose and since the feelings that feel best inside are usually more truth based, we can just ask the cards to show us how to view a situation in a way that will feel good to us and most accurately reflect the truth.


The point is that these can be very useful questions to ask. And of course that Tarot does not at all have to be used only for predictive readings. It can answer any question at all, and yes knowledge IS power.

Coming next month: Questions about your destiny or life purpose


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Asking about Life

The topic this month here is related to Card 17 of the Major Arcana = The Star.

The Star, for me, is really all about hope, trust and faith. Having hope, trust and faith in life itself and in the people whom you encounter along the way. But even more than that, whenever The Star comes up for me in a reading, it tells the querent that they should have that hope and faith in the situation right now because it is warranted. It is a card the foretells good things to come. A very positive Tarot card for me.

Today I decided to use the Crystal Tarots (aka Glass Tarots or Tarocchi di Vetro), by Elisabetta Trevisan, for you.(and yes that is the correct spelling for the deck: “Crystal Tarots”, don’t know why, but there is an “s” at the end. 🙂 )

This month this deck just felt like the one for the reading. Plus, it felt like time, as I haven’t used this deck in a while. 🙂

I’ve always found it such a pretty deck. Looks just like stained glass, which I have always found so beautiful.

It is a very good deck too. Although the pips are somewhat non-scenic, they still do have enough in their imagery for me to comfortably work with. And that’s a good thing, in my book.

This month, the question I asked for you related to the topic of The Star card, is:

What do you want to tell us this month on the topic of having faith in and hope for the future?

And here is what the Crystal Tarots had to say:

Card 1:Queen of Pentacles


This first card here talks about the goals we set and how we choose to work on them. Which, the way I see it is a topic closely related to the question I asked above.

A person who has a lot of faith and trust that things will work out for the best in his future is likely to set different goals than someone who does not believe things tend work out for him.

A person who believes they can accomplish anything they truly worked on would likely be willing to set their goals higher than one just thought “Why bother, as things never work out anyway.”  Someone with that trust and faith may even set goals that someone low on it might deem a waste of time.

As well someone with more hope and faith is not as likely to give up before achieving the goal, as someone who is low in that faith.

Two things are certain, right off the bat. We don’t achieve goals that we don’t set. And we don’t ever achieve a goal that we give up on before completing.

All that said, this is also a Queen, the Queen of Pentacles.  And Queens for me are about working together towards a common goal. It’s about working and cooperating in the best way with others to arrive at the best result(s).

In the image, the Queen is facing left (towards the past) but she is looking right at us. This is asking us to stop where we are not in our present moments and think about this. About the kinds of goals we set for ourselves in the past, about if we gave up before completing them. If so what made us give up and what influences us to create the kind of goals that we do.

How the level of trust and faith we have in life and in the future may be playing a role in all this. And even in how this affects how  likely we are to discuss our goals with others and how effectively we work together with others to complete common goals.

The bustle behind her dress asks us to stop and think we are carrying around some “weight” on this issue, created by past life experiences that may not have gone as expected. Something that is weighing us down from creating our best future.

Card 2:  10 of Swords


This is a Swords card and it’s about the way we usually think  about and view this topic. How safe we feel letting go and having complete hope and faith in the future. What thoughts may hold us back from doing go, and/or which lead us joyously there. But it’s a Swords card, so it’s all about our thoughts.

It’s the 10 of Swords which again talks about something we do repeatedly and it’s a reminder that we can get in the habit of thinking a certain way over time. After we have had a certain thought or been thinking the same way over and over and over, it just becomes habit and we may stop questioning it. Even if it is not what is best for us in the end. This card is talking about this and the way it works.

The card image is very blue and watery. It shows that how much faith we feel that things will work out for the best, even if we take risks, can be quite an emotional issue. The color blue here also says that talking to others about this topic can be helpful now.

In the end, the image shows all the Swords pointing together, which to me is really just a reminder that the point of all this is to create the best life for ourselves. So it’s about following the thoughts that lead us to the best place in our lives. And learning not to follow those that don’t.

Card 3: 7 of Wands (reversed)


This is a Wands card, about our innate ability to create in this world, and about the desire to have and create what is best for us. It is also a reversed 7, which once again talks about having hope and faith in life. More that that, a reversed 7 tells us that having that hope and faith in life is a good thing for us and that it brings it’s own rewards in the long run.

The image shows a lot of greenery and healthy growing plants behind the Wands. This says that there is something healthy in having faith in life, in that it leads us to grow and expand in healthy ways.

The pattern that the Wands take here says to me that having that hope and faith sets a foundation on which more and more things can be built. It is strengthening to us.

Card 4: flipped The World


I meant to only pull 3 cards for this reading, but 3 more came up. This one the the next 2 came up as flipped cards. Cards that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. So I ended up here with twice as many cards as planned. To start with, this shows that this is a very important topic. And one that life/the Universe…had a lot it wanted to talk about here.

Flipped cards, as this card and the next 2 are, indicate a depth to their message. Something we may not fully see unless we stop and think the topic over.

This particular card is from the Major Arcana, and that means that its topic is an important one. That there is an important life lesson that we can learn for ourselves by examining how this topic is at work in our lives right now.

This card is called “The World” and its message for me is about all the best life has to offer: the best experiences, the deepest wisdom, the deepest love, the most fun and enjoyment you can have, the highest and best versions and visions of any and all the experiences of your life.

This card coming up here is asking you to stop and think about this topic and how it currently applies to your life. It is very related to the topic of the question of having hope and faith in and hope for the future. The card talks about the state of your faith and belief that you can have all the best that life has to offer. The state of your belief that if you really try, that is what you can create and will draw to you. This can be a very important topic here.

What you see in the card image as a person, who is facing right (the  future) and is naked.  (The blue dot in the card image is mine, not part of the actual card.  As I don’t know what age people may be who view this, I try not to add in too much nudity.)

She represents us (you and/or I) and she represents our ability to face the future freely. Without feeling we need to try to hide our true selves or to protect ourselves from what may come. She’s just shedding her coverings and freely showing the world who she is.  And feeling proud to do so.

As she does so she holds 2 Wands (what she wants to create of her future) up proudly. Her eyes are wide open and she sees clearly what she is doing and sees this as the best way to create. And what does it lead to? There she is, standing on top of the world.

And yet you can see she is safe. She has let down her guard and taken down walls. And she is still shielded and safe, as shown by the oval shape surrounding her like a shield. She does not have to cover and shield herself. When she lets go of doing so and is just openly herself, then her life protects her of its own accord so that she can be the best she can be and have the best of everything.

That is the lesson of this card.

Card 5: flipped 8 of Pentacles (reversed)


This is another Pentacles card, about our goals and how we choose to work on them. It is, as well, a reversed 8, and those talk about the mysteries, wonders and magic of life. Reversed 8’s talk about a specific aspect of life for me: the wondrous beauty of nature, the beautiful mysteries of life that no one truly understands for sure, the things that just make us feel a sense of awe and wonder at life, beauty that brings tears to our eyes, the magic and poetry of life, our sense of connection and the spiritual side of things.

How this relates to the question of having faith in life and hope for the future, is that well….connecting to these feelings of the reversed  8 engenders feelings of faith. And of hope for the future.

If we chose to make it a goal to look for opportunities to feel these things, our faith and hope would grow.  Just to spend time in nature looking at her beauty, and stopping to feel the awe of it connects us to everything around us. That connection leads to more hope and faith. Seeing life’s mysteries helps us see that there is more to life that we can see. And we don’t have to know it all, nor can we. But things seem to work themselves out and springtime always follows winter each year without us having to do a thing. There are patterns and cycles to life that work regardless. And seeing these and focusing on what it truly beautiful in life lead to hope.

Card 6: flipped Knave of Wands (reversed)


Last card of this reading is a Wands card. Once again what what we can create in our lives and our desire to create it. It’s a reversed Knave (aka Page).  Reversed Knights (Knaves) for me are cards that are very related to the topic of the question I asked in this reading.

They talk about a state of true trust and faith, truly believing that things WILL work out for the best for us now and always because that is how life is mean to work and how it does work. They talk about really believing in happily ever after in your life.

The reversed Knave here, combined with the suit of Wands, suggests that working to “create” these feelings and beliefs inside yourself is something that would be beneficial in your life, would lead to more good things in your life for you.

As you can see, the Knave here is facing left. He is asking us to look back at our pasts. That if we once believed in happily ever after and expected only good things to come, and this changed to look at where we were when this changed and why. And then to look for any fallacies in what thoughts we embraced that told us we were not safe. Where they came from and just if there are any of these ideas that we cannot prove of be SURE are 100% true.

To the left in the image is a tree. Let’s say here it is the tree of life. The tree of our your) life. It has made some twists and turns as it grew. It shows marks of some bumps and bruises. And yet still it is growing healthy and strong, reaching up to the sun and sky and all the warmth and beauty and joy life has to give. This card says this is a good way to be.

Again the Knave’s eyes are open here, so this card asks you to really take a look at this and think on it.

It is a very lush green setting shown here, so it talks about our growth, and which attitude is more likely to learn to our inner growth: having hope and faith and opening up to all life has to offer, or refusing to trust and holding back.

In the end, the image shows the Knave (who represents us here) with spirals running through him. This represents his inner energy which is eternal.  Who he is is a constant. He will always be himself, never someone else. And that is a good thing. 🙂

If he was able to trust before and it was justified and brought good results, then it would always bring those same results.

The tree shows the same spiral patterns in it, saying that IF he would chose to let go and trust, it would have an effect on what his life send him, that there is a connection between the level of his trust and faith and what comes his way, what he draws to himself.


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February 2017 Friendship Reading

Here we go, as promised in the intro to this month’s newsletter, a reading with my brand new deck for you, the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot, by Nicoletta Ceccoli. I know it came just in time for me to do this reading with it for you as it was just meant to be the one here.

I adore it already, although I haven’t yet USED it as I write these words. But you and I can judge together as the reading progresses how well it works for me. I have no doubt it will though, those images just talk to me, even when I saw them online.

So what I asked for you this month is (as this is such a dreamlike deck and has SUCH an original way of seeing the world):

What can you tell me this month that will help me see more of the  wonder and beauty in the world all around me and make be fall in love with my life all over again?

(seemed like a good thing to ask, as some people get a bit down in February after so much winter, so if you’re one, I thought this would help) 🙂

First reading with this deck, here we go: (wow, new card smell) 🙂

Card 1: 9 of Cups (reversed)


Here you go, first card here talks about your feelings. It’s a Cups card. This makes sense for a place to start this answer as seeing the wonder and beauty IS a feeling in a way. You FEEL filled with wonder at the beauty of it all. Wonder is a feeling. You can even FEEL true beauty physically sometimes as  a shiver or tears in your eyes.

This card a a reversed 9 as well. Reversed 9’s for me are all about all the good feelings life has to offer. About healing, that feeling of complete contentment and the feeling that all is just right in our lives and that we would not change a thing. And feelingsr of true trust that that is how life works and that it always will work that way. So in essence the message of this card is about those kinds of feelings.

Now look at the image. I find it just so warm and pleasant and relaxing, just to look at. Almost as though I am in that bubble bath. 🙂

The image has a lot to say here. First step is if you want to really feel that sense of wonder and beauty of life all around you, slow down and be good to you. If you are rushing, rushing, rushing, multi-tasking…it’s just not really going to happen for you. It means you first need some good quality “me” time.

You know what relaxes you, give it to yourself.

Slow down and MAKE time for it. What feels good to your senses? … a warm bath, some good aromatherapy, soft relaxing music, candle light. Maybe all of those at once. 🙂

The message here is that YOU deserve it. Wouldn’t you give a child or a friend what they richly deserve. or would you try to hold it back from them? You deserve it, give it to you. Not just once, but as often as needed.

It will help you in your life too: increase your intuition, connection, problem solving skills, relaxation and sleep.

The really interesting things though in the image is that little dessert that she has put out of her reach and it is actually walking away from her.

This is not about eating your feelings, or overeating if that feels good to you..for example. This is all about giving yourself what is good for you. As she puts that “dessert” aside, and gives herself other relaxing activities, the need for that dessert wanes.  It just walks away from her, it doesn’t call to her anymore.

So give yourself what you need to to relax. You deserve to slow down and do just that when you can. It will spark your imagination (seen as the toy in the bath with her) and show you more how to see the magic of life more clearly (seen as the warm water magically replenishing itself. The magic of how life sends to us just what we need).

Card 2: 6 of Swords


Here we move on to the Swords card. This may look somewhat less “happy” as a card image, but please remember that there are no negative cards. All cards are here to help us live our best lives AND the question I asked here was a very very positive one.

This is a Swords card, and that means it’s about how we think. The way we are choosing to view our lives and to view life in general. It is as well a 6. 6’s for me talk about love, any type of love or anything or anyone we can love, but just love in general.

I actually find this quite a useful message here. There are a number of sides to it. First because the topic of love came up in this card, it says that the ability to see the wonder and beauty and magic in life is very much connected to the topic of “love”.  (good topic for the Valentine’s edition here. 🙂 )

There are two kinds of energy we can embrace and live our lives through. Love-based and fear based. Love-based is the more positive side. Feelings based on love include compassion, empathy, cooperation, connection, faith,  openness …and needless to say love. Feelings related to fear are the negative ones such as: greed, apathy, closed-mindedness, jealousy, building walls, distrust….

So as a 6., this card is talking about love and it is saying that thinking in the ways engendered by love will open up your energy so you can more easily see the wonder and beauty and magic. It lets us open up and expand our ways of thinking about things. (fear closes down our ability to do so)

As for the image, it starts out by saying that the that ability to see the wonder and beauty and magic of life can often come more naturally to children.  It is a natural part of the world feeling more new to them, and their imaginations and creativity being more active and more encouraged.  Painting and drawing being more encouraged, play and let’s pretend playing bigger roles in their lives.

Then we grow up and are encouraged to put away our toys and dolls and fire trucks and for many that means those dreams and their imaginations sink below the surface of things. I see the message here that if we lose our sense of playfulness, then we have lost a precious tool that can help us to see more wonder in life. We lose something precious to us if we put that down,

The image is telling you that that part of you still exists. It IS still there and always will be. If you feel it is sleeping then you can still wake it up. But it is not gone forever or dead and gone.

It is a natural part of you and you can very much wake it up if that is a goal for you.

Why not experiment and get out there and play. Try new creative endeavors this month. Get out and take an art of dance class. Try on new ways of thinking. Play let’s pretend just for the run and to expand your life and ways of thinking to see more and more of all that is. And all that it and you could be if you let it (and you).

Card 3: The Sun


This card is the most important card of the reading for you here today. It is the only Major Arcana card. And the Majors are important cards. They talk about important life lessons that your life is working to teach you through what it sends your way. This reading, if you are reading it now was sent your way. So there could very well be something in the message of this card that your life wants you to see and learn more about.

The basic meaning of The Sun for me is about warmth, healing, a deep sense of comfort, joy, and just total contentment with life just as it is. Yes this is echoing at lot of the meanings for the first card in this reading. The message is coming up more than once, so it’s an important one–a theme in this reading.

So the answer to how you can see more wonder and beauty in life and fall in love once again with your life all over again, is related to finding and connecting to these feelings that The Sun card talks about. Those feelings are the path there. When you feel these ways to do this, you are on the right path and well on your way.

As for the card image, surprisingly not a very bright image for The Sun card, but it has a unique message because of the artwork here. A rather unique and beautiful message here. Maybe even to try not to have preconceived notions of what beauty is or where it is to be found going in. When you don’t box things in of label them from the start, it frees you to more easily find it anywhere.

So what you have in the image is a darkest sky with a girl in the center of the image. That girl does represent you here and that is a good thing. She is made of honeycomb and honey. So it talks about her(your) inner sweetness and beauty. The true inner you.

This card says that here is the secret:  “The key to finding wonder and beauty in life and to falling in love with your life is to look INSIDE yourself for these things, not outside in the world around you.”

This card is saying that if you see and connect to your “inner sweetness” and inner loving state it will naturally lead you to feel these things, and see the wonder or beauty over time. Can’t help but get there if that is your focus.

But if you aren’t connected to your inner self, then the most beautiful sight in the world can show up before you and you won’t see wonder in it.

This image says in reality you are “just dripping with” inner beauty, light and goodness that will connect you to all that is good and pure and full of wonder if you follow that path inside you.

In the image is is your stomach/gut that is the honeycomb. So if you follow your true inner feelings (your gut reactions) they will lead you to the best place for you to be, on this topic and throughout your life.

And your wings here say that all this will just help you and your life take flight.

But the main message from this card is to connect more beauty,  wonder and love for life, the place to find them is inside yourself, not in the outside world.

Card 4: 4 of Swords


And last card of this reading is another Swords card. Again about your way of thinking and viewing the world. This one is a 4, so it’s about how to complete what was asked about in the question here, how to come full circle and arrive back at the point were we fully see beauty and wonder in the world all around us, the kind that ignites a renewed love of life in us.

Here is another unusual card image here. Like I said very dreamlike images here. Things move in these cards just like they do in dreams. 🙂 Very symbolic.

What this image shows here is a reversal. Things working the opposite to how they would in the normal world. The little girl is sitting in the aquarium, trying to make herself comfortable there (where she does not truly belong) and the fish and frogs (who in a normal situation would be the ones in the aquarium) are flying around in the air.

Total reversal of how things should work in the natural world. This says to me that IF you are just not seeing the wonder and beauty of life something is upside down/reversed in the way you are thinking and seeing the world. We are MEANT to be able to see it.

We can try to fit things that happen in our lives and world into any thought patterns we chose. But do they feel comfortable and right too us? IF we could see wonder and beauty all around us would/wouldn’t it feel more right to us than to not see it?…some questions to think on.

But the gist of this card image to me is that IF we could see these things as a child because we thought one way…And if we don’t see it as readily where we are right now because we have started to think in another way…can’t we just change our thoughts back to something closer to what they once were and then arrive back at where we were  at that point in time when wonder came more easily.

Of course. we can always chose our thoughts, then isn’t seeing more wonder and beauty preferable to not seeing it around us?

The point being we CAN change our thoughts and any time and that means we CAN come full circle and arrive back to just where we were when we saw the most wonder and beauty in life.

The image shows one of the child’s eyes covered by the fish eye. This says ALL you need to do is to try to see things through new eyes, Go ignite your imagination. your creativity. Try to imagine you are seeing the world around you for the first time and really examine it.  And maybe most important: slow down, be playful, have fun, and enjoy your present moment.

You were given it to enjoy. The crown here says “You rule!” And that you are the ruler of your own life. Make it the kind you’ll truly enjoy this month. 🙂

Have fun!!!!

(PS. I had a blast here with my new deck. I love it EVEN MORE now. Hope it touched you too!)

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