The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
September 2016 Edition
Volume 8, Edition 9


Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot Newsletter!

It’s about 10:30 at night as I am writing this. I just got home and I have to say I had the most wonderful day I’ve had in a long time. I feel more fully content and relaxed than I had in ages. :-)  Just a truly beautiful memorable day.

We’ve been in the country all day, and I just got in from a great outdoor concert in the park. (image below)


It was a group I never heard of before call Cherry Cherie, but it was just the kind of music I LOVE most at my age. They do 50’s and 60’s songs (I was born in the 50’s) and even some original songs they wrote in the same genre. Just LOTS of outdoor singing and dancing and partying.

I even got into the act a bit literally. Which was just a blast. The bf and I were sitting on a park bench during this concert. In one song the singer (the one in the center there) came down into the audience with his tambourine and literally stood on our bench. Then handed me the tambourine. So I got to “play” some of the song with them. LOL And got an ovation after. So like I said really cool and fun evening.

Oh, in case you are curious, this is what they sound like. Living in Quebec as I do though, MOST of the songs were in French. But some were English too. They did do the song in the YouTube video here (Roll Over Beethoven) as on of their encore songs.

Other than that just a great day that I am still coming down from. LOL

Some great and healthy food using my new Gotham frying pan I am still in love with and excited about. Made some great French toast in it for breakfast (with no fat at all needed to cook it in) and fried up some veggies (again in no fat) and made a grilled veggie sandwich with some cheese for lunch, which I invented on the spur of the moment and loved.🙂

Also today had some beautiful drives in then country and walks around lakes.

So just a truly great day, and I am still coming down from it. (Or did I say that yet???)LOL

That said, this newsletter seemed to end up having a lot to say about our thoughts, the thoughts we choose, the way we think, and the effects of choosing the thoughts that we do.

It’s all about your happiness and working to choose the thoughts that make you happiest. most at ease and that make things all feel right inside. I find my newsletters so often do tend to develop themes. I never do this on purpose, but when I look over things at the end, I can see that it is mainly talking about one specific topic. So this month it seems to be on this.LOL

That said, I wish you a very happy month of September, one where you find the thoughts that make you happy and hold them in your heart and soul and make them who you are.

All the very best to you this month,

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Quote of the Month

pretty flower tree

When we look at peacock feathers from certain angles, their iridescent blues and greens shimmer with beauty. Many things in life reveal their intrinsic qualities when perceived in the right way, but often familiarity dulls our responses, making their beauty difficult to see. Look at the things around you with fresh eyes, seeing them as if for the first time. You’ll find riches you never imagined.

–not sure who actually first said this for sure, but I did take it from a book I have a called 1001 Meditations, How to discover peace of mind, by Mike George)

I added this particular quote in this month because it touched me. It’s something I really believe in. And also because the topic of these words is so related to the topic of this month’s Asking about Life.🙂

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September 2016 Contest

Just another good old Tarot reading for you this month here.🙂

The winner of this month’s contest will win a personalized 3 card Tarot reading on the topic of their choice.

To enter the contest this month, just click here.

In the Comments section, just write “September 2016 contest” along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Sunday, September 18th, 2016  and will be announced in the October 2016 edition of this newsletter.

Last  month’s winner

The winner of last month’s contest was Barbara B, from the Canada.

Barbara won a 4 card Angel reading. Looking forward to working with you and seeing what comes up for you Barbara!

Talk to you soon with more details.:-)



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Tarot Demystified

building blocks

Readings to help us understand

Although most Tarot readings seem to ask about what will happen in the future, or what someone else is feeling or thinking, they an serve many other different purposes. The cards can in fact answer any question at all and help us with literally anything it would help us in any way to know.

This month this section will focus on a specific kind of reading, the kind that help us to understand ourselves and our lives more deeply. This is something that Tarot truly excels at, imo. And something that people almost never ask me to read about. So I though I would bring up the topic here.

Sometimes understanding things a little better or more clearly can have some huge effects in our lives. And even have a huge effect on our happiness level.  There are a  number of areas where a little understanding can improve things for us.

Asking questions to help understand ourselves, for one, can help us create some positive changes in our lives and eliminate the negative. This kind of question can be really useful  when we notice that we repeatedly act in self-defeating ways and are not sure why or don’t seem to be able to turn it off. The cards can tell us why we keep going there, and even offer suggestions on how to stop doing so.

Questions that help us understand others can be helpful as well. Also about our reactions to them. For example, if someone tends to make us feel guilty, the cards can give us useful info about why they do this. Understanding why can help us not give in to this. And the cards can of course also offer us info on how not to go there in our interactions with them.

I’ve even found readings about the past of relationships helpful and healings at times. I once asked about why someone was so hurtful to me in my childhood. The answer that came up helped me feel empathy for that person and helped me let go of some negative feelings from that time in the past. That, for me, was a good and useful reading.

I guess if you’ve been here with me reading this newsletter, you have an idea what my favourite kinds of readings are. LOL I LOVE readings that help us understand life and how it all works and fits together. I love to ask things like what is the nature of destiny and how it works, what is the energy of life, about anything spiritual…The answers that come up in response to that have always felt like the most fascinating to me.

We can also ask about past lives, if that is part of your belief system. Those readings can be truly interesting too.

Readings about our life purpose can be great to add meaning to our lives.

So, just to say once again, not all readings need to address the future. There are so many other fascinating things the cards can tell us. They CAN answer any question and tell us anything it would help us to know. They questions we could ask are limitied only by our imaginations.🙂

Coming next month:  the energy of life

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Asking about Life

Following the theme of the last few months (of choosing the questions based on the meanings of the Major Arcana cards), the theme of this month’s question is based on The Hanged Man card.

Although Tarot myths and superstitions abound and the name of this card could sound a bit ominous, in reality there are no “bad” or negative Tarot cards.  Tarot is a system designed to help us, so what would be the purpose of it having cards like that? All Tarot cards and meanings are designed to help us find more inner peace and live our best lives.

This particular card, The Hanged Man, has two potential meanings for me. It can ask us to: a) accept things just as they are and make peace with what you cannot change, or b) to try to see things in a different way, look at the situations from a different angle (as the upside down man is seeing things from a different angle)….to try to invent original and innovative solutions to the issue.

Here in this reading, I will focus on the second meaning, about breaking with old habitual ways of thinking and trying to see things through new eyes and in new, original ways. And the changes that can come to our lives if we do so.

The deck that just felt right for a reading on this topic to me was my beloved Tarot of Transformation, by J L Cori and Willow Arlenea. It just made sense that this would be the best deck here for this topic.🙂

This is well-loved deck for me, and one of my very first too (It was my 9th of my 117🙂 ). I find it has some brilliant and deep things to say. I tend to learn a lot from this deck. And the deck itself is very original and that just fits in well with the topic here.

What I asked for you this month, on the topic of the Hanged Man is:

What might it change in our lives if we tried to break out of the mold or our habitual thoughts and looked for new original ways to view things?

Here is what came up for you:

Card 1: The Earth Mother


This reading starts off with a Major Arcana card (the only one in this reading). As such it talks about important life lessons that we can learn related to the topic of the question that would improve our lives in some way to learn.

This card is the Earth Mother which is this deck’s version of The Empress. Although it is not a Court card, the title of this card IS: “Queen” of Life. Queens for me in Tarot talk about a good strong communication. Working together with others involved through good communication, teamwork and cooperation to arrive at the best place for all concerned.

Now this is not just a “Queen” here, but the Queen of Life no less. So there is a message here about working together with Life itself to arrive at the best place in our lives. This card is saying just that, …to start with. That the act of trying to think in original ways can at times help bring us closer to life, to understand more clearly some of the messages our lives send us and to help us work better with life itself to create the best life for ourselves.

For this reading, the woman in the center of the card image represents each of us here. She is facing right, towards the future so it really is about best way to face our futures in order to create the best futures for ourselves.

This image shows that things are going on behind her. Things that she cannot see or is not fully aware of.  Life is like that. We don’t see all the things that are preparing to happen for us beforehand. Only the end result.

I think the image shows her  (she representing each of us) here as a being of beauty inside and out. … a reminder that you are that.

And yes she is pregnant in the image. This says that there are some things going on inside her that she knows about but still cannot yet truly see  and get a good hold on just yet.  This seems to be true of all of us at times.

To me the child sitting before her suggests putting our inner child first and listening in to what it has to say. And to try at times to put the idea before us (at the forefront of our mind) …to just stop and imagine we were seeing everything around us for the first time as a young child does. And to see how things appear to us then.

And… a lot of swirling energy and movement in the image.  A reminder that life IS movement and change. Our truths from 5-10 years ago (or longer) just may not be true to who and what we are today or to where we are in our lives right now.

If we were to stick forever to the same thoughts, at some point they may well become outdated and even inaccurate to our present moments and to who we are today. Then they would hold us back instead of letting us spread our wings and fly to where we want to go.

Card 2: 8 of Swords (reversed)


Next card is the 8 of Swords. Swords are both about our thoughts and the way(s) that we tend to think about and view certain aspects of our lives. This is of course very related to the question asked in  this reading.

This card is also both an 8 and a reversed card, …a reversed 8. Reversed 8s for me are about fully seeing and experiencing the magic and beauty of life and this world before us. About letting go of all else and just feeling inspired, touched by, in awe and amazed by this thing called life and how it works. So this card is talking about these kinds of thoughts and the kinds of feelings they lead to, or more accurately the kinds of thoughts that lead us towards experiencing life in this way.

As you can see as well, the title of this card is “Equanimity”. Which the Merriam-Webster online dictionary ( defines as: ” calm emotions when dealing with problems or pressure.”

So the message of this card is just this: It asks us if we are currently seeing the beauty in life fully and feel awed by it?  And also if we feel calm when handling the issues of our lives?

The way we are experiencing our lives has a lot to do with the thoughts we choose. Certain events come to us in our lives. But how we experience them has a lot to do with the thoughts we ourselves choose. These thoughts can be changed if we so choose.

You know the old quote by  Henry Ford?  The one that goes: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”?  This is part of the answer here.

That it is also true that if we always think the way you’ve always thought, we’ll always experience things the same way that we have so far. If we habitually choose worrisome thoughts we’ll feel worried a whole lot more often, for example, than if we don’t.

We don’t have to do this. Trying out new ways of thinking and viewing things can help with this.

As for the card image here, it shows a sky filled with “X’s”, with energy emanating from the center of them. Let’s say the X’s represent inaccurate thoughts ( things we tell ourselves that are inaccurate/untrue, or hurtful to us to think). The image hints that choosing these thoughts sets up a specific energy.  They form almost like a grid that prevents us from seeing things outside our beliefs. Or maybe even may prevent to some extent the more positive things from coming.

Card 3: flipped 1 of  Disks (reversed)


This card (and the all the remaining cards in this reading are flipped cards. What I call “flipped cards” are just cards that fall or flip out of the deck during shuffling or otherwise stand out from the rest of the deck.

Flipped cards are generally important cards in a reading. A flipped card asks that we stop and think over the message of the cards, saying that there is a depth to it and that if we think it over we may see something more there than we did at first.

This card is from the suit of Disks. And Disks, for me, talk about our goals and what we need and choose to do to make them reality. This card here is a reversed 1. And that means it’s talking about fairness, justice and what feels right and best for all concerned.

To me this image is showing something about to be born. In the center of the image I see an egg, that is almost jumping around, it is so ready to be born at any moment. The shell is just about to crack and something new and beautiful is just about to be born. Something that is fair and just, and right.

Yes, the title of this card is: “Birth into Form” and that says a lot to me.  To me this is all bringing up the topic of what we need to do to treat ourselves fairly and in the best ways. This is something that could be really beneficial to think about.

IS it in fact a goal for you to treat yourself well and fairly? To give yourself every chance to be born into the best form that you can be in this world. If not, now could be a good time to stop and think of why not. IF we’re not making that a life goal, then we are likely holding ourselves back in some way.

And. back to the question, then IF instead of doing this we could instead choose the thoughts that support ourselves fully and encourage us to treat ourselves and fairly and kindly and well as we can, who knows how much more we could accomplish?

If we’re not making it a life goal to treat ourselves well and fairly, changing those habits could have enormous effects in our lives and bring out more that is dormant within us atm, to vibrant life.

Cards 4 and 5: flipped 2 of Swords (reversed) and Healer of Disks (reversed)



These last two cards came out of the deck together. That means that the two of them together form a card duo. Meaning that their meanings are closely connected. The two cards are basically working together to give a common message.

The first of course is another Swords card, about our thoughts and the ways we tend to think and view things. This one is a reversed 2. Reversed 2’s, for me, get right to the heart of the topic of this reading as they are related to the Hanged Man card and to seeing things in new ways.

The title of this card is “Creative Differences”, which brings up quite an interesting point, in my eyes. Creativity (as in paintings, novels, writing new songs, dancing…) requires by it’s very nature that the person expressing themselves be in touch with who they are inside at the moment and willing to express it. A painting of novel, for example, that touches us is one in which the creator of it is so deeply in touch with the reality of who they are inside that it touches our reality as well.

We have the ability to truly touch others if we stay in touch with who we really are deep inside. And since all humans learn and grow, if we did not adapt and change our viewpoints at time, we would grow out of touch with that.

On the other hand, a work of art can touch us exactly because it helps us see something that we had not seen before, understand something in a new way, or learn a new life lesson. To me, that is what the title here talks about: “Creative Differences”. Learning to change and adapt our ways of thinking over time is one of  the things that helps touch others through what it common to all human beings, in artistic endeavors, and in all the comes from the heart and soul.

And the last card here in this reading, that connects to the previous one, is the Healer of Disks. This card came up reversed as well. Disks is again about our goals and the work we do to make them reality in our lives. This particular Disks card is the Healer (reversed). The Healer is the second card of the Courts in this deck. A reversed Healer for me is about the best of all that life has to offer. The best possible outcomes we can envision, the most positive future, the most deeply loving relationships….So really it’s about how to accomplish these goals in the best ways.

The title of this card is: “Healing the Planet”, so this is even talking about some larger goals that we need to work together on to fully accomplish.

And that is the gist of the meaning of the card. That first to accomplish goals together, that we need to be open to considering other points of views and at times adopting them. There needs to be a common grounds and agreement on the best ways to proceed or there would not be much progress.

Of course, if everyone stuck to the same points of view continually and no one could change, it would be next to impossible to work on anything together…from the smallest relationship issues, to the larger ones such as healing the planet.

For things to change in a positive way, something needs to have an original idea, communicate it to others and follow though. Positive change starts with a new original positive thought. If the though had been though of before in just that way, things would have changed earlier.  All inventions and progress start with original thoughts as well.

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September 2016 Friendship Reading

This month I used the Vision Tarot here for you, by Dirk Gillabel. It’s another very original deck and one that “thinks” in a different way than any of my others, which is something I personally love in a deck. I just love a deck that makes me see things in new ways. Learning new things has always been a joyful thing for me in my life.🙂

The question that I asked for you here this month was:

What do you need to know to live your life in the best way for yourself this September?

(You might notice that no reversals came up this month for you here. That is because I purposely chose not to use them in this particular reading.)

And these are the cards that came up in response to that question:

Card 1: Prince of Air


This first card is from the suit of Air, and Air here is similar to Swords. It’s really once again about your thoughts, the thoughts you choose, the way you choose to view things, and maybe even to some extent what that leads you.

This seems to be the general topic of this reading in fact. Air is the only suit represented here. 2 of the 3 cards or the reading are from the suit of Air. The other card is a Major Arcana card and thus has no suit. So yes, the general topic of this reading here is about your way of thinking and your thoughts.

This is also the Prince of Air. And the Princes, for me, are special and important cards in the deck. They tend to be related to relationships. And  a Prince coming up in a reading asks you to stop, take a deep breath and really imagine you were the other person involved and what it might be like from their perspective.

The Prince of Air, which is the specific Prince that came up here, says that this month it can be important to you when having discussions with others to stop and think about what you might be thinking if you were them. If you were in their situation, having experienced what they have in the past and are experiencing now, what might your thoughts be? This can be an important communication tool for you this month, says this card.  That sense of empathy in discussions can help improve communications and closeness. If you don’t know what they are thinking about what you have said, feel free to ask.

This card is in fact blue in color, for the most part. And blue IS the color of the throat chakra, which is all about talking and communication. So good communication is important this month to helping you live your life in the best way for you.

What I see in the image is someone (yes the being here represents you) blowing. This reminds me of the concept of “someone blowing hot and cold”. And to me this adds in the topic of the thoughts you choose to use when talking to yourself (your inner dialogue). It asks you to think if some sometimes blow hot and cold in your thoughts when talking to your self. Are you sometimes kinder to yourself than at other times? This is something it can be important to pay attention to this month. And to see if what you are doing it taking you where you want to go. If so, great. If not, could be time to try to change those thoughts, even a little at a time.

Card 2: Ruler


This is the Major Arcana card of your reading. Majors talk about important life lessons that we can learn from just where we are right now in our lives, lessons that it would in fact benefit and improve our lives to learn.

“Ruler” is this deck’s version of “The Emperor”. And as you might imagine, it has implications of setting and following rules. The rules we set and those we follow should improve our lives and who we are as human beings. This can be a month where it could be useful to you to think of the rules you set for yourself and any you expect the others in your life to follow and what they are leading to. ARE they improving your life or holding you back in any way?

The “being” in this card looks to me like a chess piece, so it’s about “playing” that game of your life strategically. He is made of stone, and this brings up the topic of being so stiff or unbending that you may not consider relaxing the rules even if they are harmful. I’d have to say that the facial expression here is not exactly a happy one. So it is about that. Seeing when the rules are not contributing your a happy relaxed state and thinking what might be relaxed.

One such rule, related to being unbending, might be expecting perfection of yourself or others. And/or telling yourself something is wrong if you (or other people in your life) don’t achieve it. When it is not something that it is possible to achieve, by anyone.

This being in the card is facing forward, talking about your present moment. Which once again says that September 2016 is a good time to take a look at what is going on in this area of your life. And to see what you can learn by so doing.

Card 3: flipped 10 of Air


Last card of this reading is a flipped card. Flipped cards are those which “flip: out of the deck during shuffling. They have important messages in that their message have a depth to them. They contain aspects to the message that may only become fully clear after you have thought it all out.

As you can see, the Keyword of this card is “Guilt” and that really is the main topic of the card. Air again is about our thoughts, the thoughts we choose and the way we think. 10’s are about the most of the element of the suit we can have. So this card is really about over-thinking, over-worrying, over-stressing yourself, over-guilting yourself, when it just serves no useful purpose at all. Of course that is the meaning of “overdoing something. If it actually was helpful or served a useful purpose, it would not be “over”.

The question asked in this reading was about how you can live your best life, what you need to know so that you can live your life in the best way for you this month.

It’s pretty clear from the card image that living in guilt (choosing thoughts that lead to guilt) is not the path there. There is just a tangle of unclear, untrue thoughts behind her, leading to her guilty feelings.

Instead if she were to talk her hands away from her face so she could see clearly she could let more light and understanding in, and my belief is that things would brighten and clear up considerably for her in her life.

The gist of this card is that guilt is truly useless. In reality it serves no useful purpose. Especially as no one can go back and undo the past. And as there is not one of us who has not done things they wish they could change. That is no cause for guilt, it is just being human. And being human can and should be a beautiful thing.

The thing is to try and let any guilt you have inside about anything go this month. Holding onto any guilt will not make your life any better, or those of the people around you. But letting go of it just might.🙂

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Sparkly Water2 (1)

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. 🙂

Please feel free to come visit me on my web site:

for an in-depth, personalized reading delivered right to your Inbox, whenever you’d like my help with any issues in your life. I’m always here for you and I’d be more than happy to work with you to help you find your answers or just to feel better about things.

Wishing you a September that just sparkles with beautiful possibilities for you!

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