Just another short note this month to let you know that things are healing but I am still only rarely and sporadically on the Internet these days. It is still straining my eyes to do so, but things are improving. I was not able to write a May edition of this newsletter but I hope to be back for you by next month. 🙂

I also wish you a beautiful springtime with all the very very best,





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bouquet of red roses

bouquet of red roses











This is just a note to let you know that unfortunately there won’t be an April 2017 edition to the newsletter. I had some eye issues (strain) and the doctor’s banned me from the computer, cell, …anything with a light source… for the next little while.

Hope to be back here for you next month :-),

Thinking of you fondly, and wishing you a wonderful month.

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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
March 2017 Edition
Volume 9, Edition 3



Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

Yay!  It’s March (or soon will be as you’re reading this).  Winter is winding down and we’re past the coldest part of the year!  Snow’s melting and soon the grass with start growing healthy and strong, flowering trees…!  Just LOVE this time of year so much. 🙂

Talking about all that new growth soon to come, I have a few new things to share with you here this month.

Here is something new and unlike anything I have ever quite seen, related to reading the cards, so when I came across it I thought I would share it with you here:

It’s by Ciro Marchelli, so naturally it has some truly beautiful artwork.

I’d never actually heard of  “Kipper” deck, but it seems very similar to a LeNormand with some different card meanings. But that’s not even the most interesting part. If you check the video you will see. The cards work with a cell phone app that makes them move and come to life. I thought that was pretty amazing myself. Hope you do too.

Next, and talking about new decks out there, I got myself a second new deck fairly recently. This one is called the Chrysalis Tarot actually arrived last month the day after I received my Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot featured last month. So 2 new decks in a short time, after it’s been years since my last one. That made deck 120, so I think it will be a while again before I get another. LOL

I find the Crysalis truly beautiful on all levels. I saved it for this month so I could do my first ever reading with it for you here. And you can find that in this month’s Asking about Life section. 🙂

Other new things, I’ve renewed my love affair recently with Yves Rocher products, 🙂  and it’s been a lot of fun for me. Great sales on right now, more on that in the New Toys section this month, which I included once again this this edition, just so I could share the joy it brought me. Just a little shopping therapy for me there. LOL

Also been having some cool coincidences in my life this week, which came up in the Tarot Demystified section below.

That’s it for now. 🙂 But as the weather warms up and the flowers come back, I wish you much warmth and beauty in your life this month.



This Blog version of my newsletter is available to be viewed by anyone at anytime at this site. It will come out once a month, near the last Saturday of every month. But, if you’d like an e-mail reminder each month to let you know when the new edition has come up, just click here and let me know and I’ll get that out to you.


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Quote of the Month


When you play a game with family and friends, (….), like hide and seek, Twister, or even Monopoly, do you lose sleep the night before? Do you worry what people will think of your performance? Do you wonder how your past or your childhood years might influence your moves? Do you “replay” each turn in your mind the day after?

No. Because it’s just for fun. You understand that no matter what happens, nothing about it can detract from who you are. That while you might not “win,” you’ll be richer and wiser for the time spent thinking, and calculating, and sharing with friends. You might even relish the refinement and development of your skills. Besides, in games you have nothing to prove; everyone you play with already loves you.

Bottom line, you can become more for the playing, but not less. And so, the more you play, the more fun you have, the more you grow, and the better you get.


Well, these are the exact same reasons that angels play the “Time~Space” game.

(….), it’s why you’re here.

Your roll,

The Universe

–another great quote from Notes from the Universe at

(The “(…)’s are where my name appears as these come as personalized daily e-mails, but feel free to add in your own first name there. 🙂  )

LOVED this when I found it in my Inbox. It really made me stop and think. As yes, I do tend to be a worrier in certain situations. LOL Hope it touches you too.
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New Toys


I only add in the new Toys section in this newsletter periodically, as needed. I felt the urge to add it in for you this month, just so I can share a new love with you here.

romantic three dimensional love shape vector

The definition of a “toy” here really just being for me anything new that I am having a whole lot of fun playing around with. And that I want to share in case it brings someone else the same joy that it’s bringing me. 🙂

So this edition it’s a brand new perfume (just got it 2 days ago as I write this) that I just adore and is making me So super happy. It’s by Yves Rocher and it’s called “So Elixir Purple”.  Couldn’t be more in love with it, so I had to share.

I decided to try it as they were having a 40% off sale at the time on perfumes (maybe it will still be on when you read this, seems to be going on till around mid-March/17 in my area) and I was just not in love with my current ones. So I got myself a bottle of my newest perfume. First I find the bottle itself and the color of it so beautiful that it is already a pleasure to use just for that reason.

But for the scent, …I liked it a lot in the store. But when I got it home: total love!  Just can’t imagine ever wanting to wear anything else, where have you been all my life perfume love. Definitely my signature scent now. LOL

So I had to share this as it just touched me this month and is  a huge source of joy for me. Of course Yves Rocher is a company I have had a lot of respect for for a long time. For their products being mainly natural, for the care they take if the planet, and for not testing on animals. And the quality of their products. Their products just seem to keep getting better and better over the years, from what I can see.

So if you happen to pass an Yves Rocher store and get to check it out, now you will know what I smell like these days.  🙂

A bit fruity, has a grapey smell at first (goes well with the purple colour, LOL and reminds me a bit of the perfume “Poison” at first), then just a really beautiful smell–ultra-feminine, deep, warm, truly beautiful.  Totally head over heals in love with it! So I had to share. (Also did try “Vanille Noir” and “Moment du Bonheur”  while there and and liked them both a lot as well, but chose this one as my favorite. And couldn’t be happier.

Always good to share joy, I find. 🙂


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March 2017 Contest

March contest 2













This month felt like time to offer up an angel reading here once again. It seems a while since I have and it just felt like time.  Especially as it’s March now, winter is winding down and the warmth will soon be coming back more and more. And to me angels are just all about warmth, joy and love.  🙂

So the prize this month will be a 3 card angel reading.

To enter the contest this month, just click here.

In the Comments section, just type in  “March 2017 contest” along your name (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want) and the country you are in.

The drawing will take place on Sunday, March 19, 2017  and will be announced in the April 2017 edition of this newsletter.

Last  month’s winner

The winner of the February 2017 contest was Di B, from Australia. Congratulations Di!

The prize for the contest for last month was a 4 card Tarot reading that I will be starting very soon for her.   We will be in touch soon Di, to talk about the details and to see what I can do for you. 🙂

Looking forward to it,romantic three dimensional love shape vector


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Tarot Demystified


Questions about your destiny or life purpose

(thought I would throw in the photo about just to remind you of the beauty of the world around us at least in my part of the world, and MORE IMPORTANTLY that springtime is just around the corner and we’ll be seeing more of this soon)

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you know I believe Tarot is a truly amazing tool that can answer any questions at all that we need to know the answers to, to live our lives in the best way. And that’s pretty cool, when you think that knowledge is power and a reading can give you knowledge on any topic you can think of. Anything it could really help you to know, the cards can tell you.  Although no, the cards are not going to give you the winning lottery numbers. 🙂

I’ve heard people say in my time, that if Tarot worked all Tarot readers would be millionaires. But no it doesn’t work quite like that. For one thing, if it did word would get out and everyone would use it for that. And there just can’t be that many winners.

For another, Tarot will answer any question we ask that it is good for us to know.  One way to look at that is that if we were meant to win the lottery, we would just do it. We wouldn’t need the cards to tell us, If it were meant to happen it just would.

If something is not meant to happen right now, the cards will not tell us how to force it to. If something is not meant to happen, that means that it is not right for us atm, And if something is not right for us for any reason right now, no the cards will not tell us how to create it.

Tarot will tend to tell us what we need to know over what we feel we want to know.  The answers always work in our best interest, even if we don’t yet understand why something is in our best interest.  Kindof like a lot like the old Rolling Stones song, where “you can’t always get what you want….but if you try sometime you just might find, you get what you need.” However it works, and no one knows for sure, in my experience the answers come from a very wise and caring place. 🙂

That said, yes Tarot can truly answer anything it would truly help us to know. And that’s pretty awesome if you stop to think about it. It is not at all only for predicting the future or even about the future at all. Really the kinds of questions we could ask are pretty much limited only by our imaginations.

Back to the topic here this month, questions about things like destiny or our life purpose are right up there with my favorite kinds of questions.  There are so many mysteries to life. I know I myself have a deep curiosity about it all, how life works.  There’s no reason at all we can’t ask the cards these questions. I find Tarot excels at this. And what comes up, in my experience, tend to be pretty fascinating.

I remember once asking about the nature of destiny, what it was, how it works…. I found what came up very very interesting at the time.   Or about the nature of coincidences*.  That’s a topic I personally find interesting as I don’t believe in coincidence. I tend to believe pretty much everything happens for a good reason and is meaningful. So I love to ask about how that all works and what happens behind the scenes that causes this thing that is mean to happen to happen just when it does, if you know what I mean. 🙂

A lot of people wonder why they are here on earth, or what their life purpose is. Even if they have had past lifetimes which are affecting their current lives. Or if karma exists and how it works in their lives. Personally I love readings on those kinds of topics.

Questions on how to live your life in the best ways, be the best you you can be….can really be helpful in life. Also questions on how to overcome anything in your way (even if that is certain thoughts or feelings)…also useful and can help us get past them and live our lives in the best ways, and in more inner peace and joy.

Also, always a good topic I find is to ask what you can learn from what you are experiencing now that it would help you live your life more effectively to see it. As, you know I believe things happen for a reason, and that’s often to teach us things.:-)

Or really you can ask the cards anything you can think of it would help you to know, And the right questions can really help you live your life in the best ways.

*Had to add this in at the end, on the topic of seeming coincidences.  Less than 2 hours after I wrote this, I ran into an old friend at Subways whom I have not seen in a year. She had some useful into to tell me.  Something just told me I wanted Subways today (Friday) when I almost always  cook dinner Fridays. That is the second time this week.

Earlier this week, something similar happened. I unexpectedly ran into a friend I had not seen in a long time on the bus (Hi Sherry if you are reading this, LOL).  Turns out she just moved into my area so now we can go for some nice walks together. The funny thing is that I was on that bus at that time, where I was “supposed to” be. Or we would not have run into each other. I was only there because I had decided to go shopping that day after work, so was on my way home 45 minutes later than usual. AND I felt the urge to take a different bus than I usually do.  So that is the kind of thing that makes me stop and think.

It makes me wonder what made me take that bus or to decide I felt like Subways today. Not believing in coincidence, I believe both those experiences were meant to happen for me. Maybe even that both were meant to happen so I could share them with you here. But how that works, how/why I felt the urge to be where I usually am not but was meant to be, THAT makes me curious. Intuition I suppose, but it’s still interesting how it all works. That, to me, is a kind of question that Tarot is good at answering. Even on the topic of intuition and how it works. Just fascinating to me anyway. 🙂

Coming next month: Good communication


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