The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
October 2016 Edition
Volume 8, Edition 10


Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot Newsletter!

I hope things are going well for you this month.🙂

Over here, it’s a BIGGGG period of change. Of course the season’s just changed over, and the weather is changing. Which has been nice in it’s own way. Pretty trees and with the sun rising later in the mornings lately I got to see my first sunset in a long time this week with was pretty cool. I had a few minutes to admire it before the day started, which was a pretty cool way to start the day for me.

Of course my weight is changing still. :-)  I’ve lost 81.7 lbs so far and in another 3-4 pounds I will actually be entering the edge of a healthy weight for me. I still want to lose a bit more, but it definitely feels good to be in the healthy range again. Which feels super good to me.🙂

Last week at Weight Watchers they had an open house and they called me and another girl from our meeting in to talk to the group. It was fun and the group members there said they found it inspirational, so that all felt good. I bought in my winter coat to show them from right before I started. Which is HUGE on me. LOL

Also a HUGE period of change for me on the job. It’s been a while now where they keep putting us on new projects that we need to learn. But it’s in a confusing phase a bit now. Working on 3 at once now, for 2 different divisions of the company. It’s a good day when I can remember to say the right company name half the time. LOL

But the time’s passing and it’s getting somewhat easier.🙂

Luckily for me, this month’s Asking about Life was on the Death card (which NO does not mean actual death of anything at all ominous, that’s just a popular misconception).  That means that the reading was, in essence, all about change. Just what I needed this month. LOL

I found it very helpful to me, to where I am right now in my life. And I hope that you will too.

This being October and the month of Halloween, I used a Halloween type deck for that reading, which you will see in that section of this newsletter. It just felt right to use it there, this month.🙂

Have a wonderful wonderful month of October. Joy, laughter, warmth and fun.



This Blog version of my newsletter is available to be viewed by anyone at anytime at this site. It will come out once a month, near the last Saturday of every month. But, if you’d like an e-mail reminder each month to let you know when the new edition has come up, just click here and let me know and I’ll get that out to you.


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Quote of the Month


…,it is easy. Just once a day, imagine the life you dream of. Believe that it can be yours in this world of magic and miracles. Choose to live as if you know of its inevitable manifestation. Don’t compromise. Don’t worry. Don’t look for results. And as surely as spirit crafts one moment after another, so too will it fuse together the life you now lead with the life of your dreams as if they were two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, destined to become one.

This alone determines what’s “meant to be.”


 The Universe

-from Notes from the Universe

Got this one in my e-mail the other day and it struck me as just beautiful. So here it is, as I wanted to share. (The first word was just my name, which I took out as I added it here, as I believe it applies to everyone).  This is another note from “Notes From the Universe” at:

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October 2016 Contest

Since last month’s contest was so popular, i decided to run another contest for a Tarot reading this month as well.  Let’s make it a 4 card reading.🙂

To enter the contest this month, just click here.

In the Comments section, just write “October 2016 contest” along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Sunday, October 23, 2016  and will be announced in the November 2016 edition of this newsletter.

Last  month’s winner

The winner of last month’s contest was Sandi S from (………………….) Haven’t yet heart back from Sandi, but will fill in the country if I do before this newsletter goes out.🙂

The prize from last month’s contest was a 3 card Tarot reading, which I will be getting started for Sandi soon.🙂

We’ll be in touch soon Sandi and see what the cards want to tell you.



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Tarot Demystified


The Energy of Life

This has always felt like an important topic to me, as well…. we are part of life. And that to me says that the energy of life is our energy.  There are a number of different ways this is connected to Tarot. First it touches on the topic of where the answers come from when a Tarot reader reads the cards. No one knows the answer to that for sure, although different theories abound and each reader tends to have their own theories on that.🙂

But somehow as readers, we know that when we ask the questions the answers come from somewhere. And they make sense, are wise, know things that we could not know on our own…and are kind and caring. No one knows what that energy is that answers us when we asks, but it does answer.🙂

On to another topic, we can find out a lot about the energy of life and our own personal energy through Tarot readings. These kinds of readings have always fascinated me, and have been among  my favorite types.

Some examples of questions of this type we could ask that could be useful and fun to hear the answers to are. We can ask about:

  • how destiny works in general and how it’s at work in our life right now (I asked that once, and I found the answers fascinating?)
  • past lives and how they affect us in this lifetime (If that is part of your belief system, the answers can be pretty interesting)
  • the meaning of life, why we’re here…
  • our life purpose
  • who we are meant to be in this world, about the best version of who we could be
  • our connection to nature, the world. (I’ve had some fun readings comparing my energy to the energy of the nature, the changing seasons, plants growing…)
  • our connection to other people, the energy running between us
  • the energy of intuition
  • the  nature of “signs”, when our life just gives us clear message of what to do next all around us, where they come from, why they come…
  • the afterlife
  • how the energy of what comes to us in life starts to takes form 
  • what is coincidence in life, what is more (and if more what?)
  • or how to heal the energy between yourself and someone else

Just to name a few. Of course we can ask anything at all that we want to about life or any topic, anything that would interest us to know.


Coming next month:  Our level of faith in life

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Asking about Life

Interestingly since October is the month of Halloween, this month this section is all about the Death Card….most misunderstood card in Tarot.  From what I tend to see, it is pretty much always misrepresented in movies and books featuring Tarot cards as part of the plot. The Death card tends to show up, …dum dum dum dum (ominous music) and soon after someone dies.  When in reality that is not the real meaning of the card at all. There is nothing negative in it in reality, and in effect there ARE no negative Tarot cards. Tarot is a system designed to help up, make us feel better about where we are, and to help us live our best lives.

The real meaning of the Death card is simply something ending. It is a good positive ending, a necessary ending. The ending is necessary to clear the way for something better that is trying to get to us. Examples of things things the Death card may talk about are:


  • graduation. Graduation signals the end of the person’s life as a student. And it paves the way for something better. A career where they can take pride in their new abilities
  • marriage, which can signal the end of the person’s life as a single person, and the start of something better
  • or even a job transfer where the person thinks they do not want to move to the new city. BUT when they do they meet the love of their life there.  They work like in one city ended so that that better thing that was meant to come for them, could come.

That kind of thing is what the Death card means for me. Just something that ends because it is meant to end, so that something better can come your way. All in all a pretty positive card.

Related to this topic, this month I’ll be asking this month: “What good positive things can we look for and focus on in our lives, when something ends for us?”

I used the Oracle of Shadows and Light here for you, by Lucy Cavendish. As you can see, yes it is an ,oracle, not a Tarot and has only 45 cards total.

I chose this deck here as October is the month of Halloween and this is closest thing I have to a Halloweeny kind of “dark” deck.  I says this is the closest thing I have because I am not fond of the dark decks. I like positive uplifting answers. I find this deck can still give me that. :-)  And it is quite deep too. And that is why I love it so much.And well….it  felt like a good choice for the month of Halloween.:-)

Here is what the cards had to say here in response to the question above:

Card 1: Fairy of the Highlands


As you can see, the words on this card say: “Time to be Brave”. This card says that when things change and end in our lives, there are a great many lessons we can learn from the experience. Lessons that can enrich us help strengthen us if we look for them and learn from them.  Facing the unknown can teach us so many lessons about our courage. THESE LESSONS themselves are positive things and teach us what we need to know to create more positive things in our future.

But there is more to the message than that. This card also says that when something ends in our lives we learn a lot (often through trial and error) about which methods of handling change are more effective and which are less effective. As change IS a constant throughout life and nothing stays the same forever, learning the most effective ways to deal with is can be very important indeed.

The image shows the Fairy of the Highlands holding her sword with both hands, but not (yet) using it. Instead she is looking at the situation and studying it with her big beautiful eyes. There is a look of sadness there, which yes we may feel sometimes when things end.  But she is being careful not to act impulsively without thinking things out first.

She says that we have within us all that we need to create the best of new situations. What comes to us comes because we are able to handle it.  We have what we need inside.  It’s there and we can find it if we look. And when we look, at these times, what we find enriches us for a long time to come. And leads to more good things to come

Card 2: Lady with a Bosch Egg


This card is about your unique inner wisdom, that is unique to you. That comes form deep inside you, YOUR inner Truth.  When things end in our lives, we may not know quite how to react or handle it. That is when it becomes a good time to stop. slow down, and listen in

The image shows an egg that has started to hatch. Endings are also beginnings. They give us a new chance to head off in a new direction, to become something we have not yet been, to grow in new ways, to become something more.  They free us from going in one direction and that frees us to choose anew where we want to go and who we want to be. There is a hidden treasure in this. This card says we can look for that, try to see what more we can be and do now that we are not tied to one particular path. What DO we want to be and do? We can slow down and listen in to our inner wisdom and follow where it wants to go to be our best selves.

We can also learn from the ending and what caused things to end, so that we do make better choices in the future and this also is a good and positive thing. We learn lessons on things like when and how it is best to assert our feelings and when it may be better to hold our tongues, for example. And this can help create some healthy growth in our lives in the future.

Card 3: Grumpy Red Fairy


This card says that when things end, it is a good time to treat yourself kindly. You need that at a time like this. And also you need to be your true self. Hold to your true inner values, live up to YOUR standards, follow YOUR truth.

This card is really about living your life on your terms.  Being who YOU want to be in this world, rather that trying to live up to other people’s expectations or rules for you. Setting your own rules for your own life, according to your own inner truth and wisdom and being your own person.

It’s about not taking to heart any judgments other people try to place on you. Knowing that living up to your own rules for your life matters more.  The message here is about not letting other people’s judgments on you or on your life make you feel “grumpy”. Seeing them as just the other person’s baggage and not Truth.

So this card is saying that when something ends in our lives, it gives us a chance to look at all this. At why things ended. Were we being true to our real inner selves, or trying to live up to someone else’s ideals which did not accurately represent the person we are?  How did that affect things?

If we felt hurt by the way things ended, why? Which part of our true inner selves was touched and what was its needs. The more we learn to respect and be our true selves, the more smoothly things will likely run in the future.

This message here is about embracing your differences and loving them for what they say about the real you. This says to embrace what is unique in your and don’t be afraid to show it. Better than being a carbon copy of everyone else. You were created to be different because it’s your differences that make you beautiful. Show your inner beauty to the world, Own it. Be it.

When something ends in your life, you no longer have to follow the pattern that it had you in. THEN you can break out and choose new paths and show that true inner you more and more and let her/him shine.

Card 4: flipped Faceless Ghosts and the Haunted Girl


This last card was a flipped card, card that flipped out of the deck during shuffling.  Flipped cards have deep meanings, levels of depth like an onion. When a flipped card comes up it asks you to think a bit on the message of the card.  It says there is something deeper there than you might notice the first time you read the message.

And well, you have to admit that this is a good Halloween-type card, talking about ghosts and haunting. LOL

This card says that when something ends in our lives, we can at times feel a bit “haunted” by it. In the sense that we still feel the presence of what it lost around us for a time afterwards. If we lose a job we may tend to wake up at the same time and start to get ready before we remember. If a relationship ends we may tend to expect that person to be where they have always been at the same time in the past. It’s become a habit.

Here is the interesting part of the message though. When something ends for us and we realize it fully, it allows us to take off the mask and just be. To just be us. A job can be almost part of our identity.  We may see it as part of who we are. But when it is gone, we find it’s not. We are still 100% us, even without it. In reality it is not really part of who we are inside. We take off the mask of being an employee of that company of in that field and then see who we really are underneath.

If a relationship ends, we are part of a couple. Half of that couple. We wear the mask for being a gf/bf……..But if that ends, then we get to take off that mask and see what is really us underneath. Maybe we’ll find hidden parts of ourselves we’d buried but which will now bring us joy.  And find some new ways to be us  and express our true selves. If it ended because things were not working (and relationships rarely end because things are working), then that gives us new ways to find out more of who we are inside and to freely be that person and live our real joy.

In essence all these cards have a very similar message here. It’s that when you lose something in your life, then it is s good time to find yourself. To connect to what and who you are deep inside and to find new ways to proudly be and show the world that person and her/his inner beauty.


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October 2016 Friendship Reading

This month I used another of my favourite decks for you: The Margarete Petersen Tarot, by of course Margarete Petersen.  I first got it when it was recommended to me by a friends. And she was so right. I love to read intuitively. And this deck and its imager are just so conducive to that. ..I find it quite a creative deck, in that I find it stimulates the creativity of the reader.🙂

Here is what I asked this month for you: What do you most need to know about October 2016 to make the most of this month for yourself?

It didn’t turn out to be a long reading for you this month, but I believe it’s one that makes a lot of sense.🙂

Card 1: The World


Your first card here is one of the Major Arcana cards. And they, for me, talk about important life lessons that our lives are working to teach us through the experiences that show up in our path. Given the question of courses this card is talking about experiences that will come up during this month of October, and what we can/are meant to learn from them.

The World, for me, is one of the most positive cards in the deck. It talks about the best of everything: the best possible outcome, the highest intelligence, the best-tasting food, the ideal situation, the most loving relationships, …Exactly that, the best that things can possibly be.

So this month, there are important life lessons you can learn by looking around you at what is happening in your life and thinking on what your best version would be in the different areas of your life. Now is a good time to think on that for you.

There is a person shown in the center of this card image. This person represents you. To start with that says that you are centrally situated to receive the best life has to offer this month. And, well, the image shows you kicking up your feet and doing a little dance. Dance with that your life shows you, listen to the music of what your life sends: the harmonies, the rhythms, the patterns. And then look for the beauty and dance to that.

This image shows a lot of “wavy” energy around you this month. This asks you to look for the best, and try to go with the flow, Trust as much as you can that you are surrounded with the situations that you need to be to get to the best place for you.  And that the more you believe this, the better you can lay to rest what has served its purpose and is not longer useful to you in your life. In reality these things mean much less to you than you think.

Card 2: 10 of Flames (reversed)


The second and last card of this reading is the 10 of Flames and it has come up reversed here, Flames, logically enough, represent in this deck the suit related to Fire, And that is about your creativity, what you can create of this month and your inner passion that drives you to create what is uniquely you into the outside world.

A reversed 10, for me, signals a time for thinking. It talks about making time to think about a very specific topic.  That of looking backwards to the past, with the express purpose of thinking out what worked for you and what did not. And WHY what worked worked as well as it did, and WHY what didn’t work well didn’t and what could you change to get to a better outcome.

This card, following The World here as it does, is specifically suggesting that you make some time to think this month. As  this month of October 2016 progresses, the suggestion is to look at each situation that presents itself to think on what your ideal version of it would be. To think on what it means to YOU personally if things were to work out in the best way. What would be your best version of the things that come your way this month.

THEN to think on what has worked in the past for you to get to a similar place (and try to do more of that). And what has taken you away from this ideal version of the situation in the past (then try to find  a better way to get there.

The image shows wings surrounding you. This is a hint that we are talking here about the kind of situations in that feel freeing to you, that make you feel stronger inside, that gives your spirit wings and brings it deep joy.

In the end, this reading is saying that now is a good time to really think about these things for yourself. To find out what the best version of all the aspects of the story of your life is. Your best version, not what others may feel is best. Your version comes form inside you. And then to learn from your past, to call up your life wisdom from all you have experienced so far. And create your best life with warmth, love, compassion (for yourself and others) wisdom, and maybe even a touch of a sense of humor blended in, for good measure.

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